By Published On: 7 October 2020
  • LITH-TECH is the UK’s leading folding electric wheelchair brand. We have a huge customer base, a proven track , unrivalled product range and excellent customer testimonials/reviews.
  • We are a dedicated specialist in our niche and have a wheelchair for everyone, the complete opposite to your local mobility shop who only stocks one or two chairs so can’t cater for different needs or disabilities.
  • We only sell to end users and will not sell through mobility shops who are clueless and would do our brand and our customers a disservice. This means from the minute you call us you will get expert care, attention and product knowledge. LITH-TECH will be on your side through the research stage all the way to the aftercare stage once you become our customer and we are always at the other end of a phone for a call, video call or email.
  • We have the LITH-TECH SMART CHAIR X, our flagship model and best selling chair, which is the most comfortable and capable chair you can buy.
  • We have the LITH-TECH Carbon Edition, the worlds first carbon fibre folding electric wheelchair and also the lightest production wheelchair ever made.
  • We have the LITH-TECH COMPACT, the worlds smallest folding and most compact wheelchair.
  • We have the LITH-TECH SMART CHAIR 1 XL, which takes world leading user weight of upto 180kg, (28 stone) and has a 53cm space between the armrests making it perfect for the larger individual.
  • We have the LITH-TECH SMART CHAIR X XL, this is an XL version of our flagship SMART CHAIR X, this chair has only just hit the UK market in October and has 52cm between the armrests and can take a user weight of upto 145kg (23 stone)
  • Unlike most mobility shops we actually hold all of our stock and have the biggest stock in the UK in one place, upto 170 chairs.
  • We offer free next day delivery throughout the UK, which is a leading turnaround time of any company in our industry.
  • We offer daily demos, at our UK headquarters in Surrey, these are appointment only and get booked up pretty fast.
  • LITH-TECH as a company is run by a young and driven CEO who is always looking for the latest and greatest technology to keep advancing LITH-TECH chairs and the brand so you will know that you are always buying the very best on the market and that you are always in safe hands.
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