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From: Miranda And Sam Willder >
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Dear Toby.
Thank you for helping us out again today re the battery charging. Didn’t realise there was another attachment in the bag on the chair! Sam is getting used to the chair now and we’ve had two outings….a shopping centre and the park. What a difference your Smart Chair 1 has made to our lives already. We are looking forward to being able to getting out and about much more now the lighter nights and better weather are now coming. I’ve even now managed to lift the chair straight into the car without even using the ramp. Thank you for all your help.

From: James Woods < Subject: [your-subject]

Message Body: Hello Toby. Just had a nice Christmas Day walk in my Compact chair which I have used lots. Genuinely one of the best disability products I have bought. Would love to try an SCX if ever you are near Somerset please. Have a great Christmas.

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From: Martyn Fox – Subject: [your-subject]

Message Body: We just wanted to let you know that we are delighted with the electric chair and the ramps. It goes in the boot of the car like a glove and runs really well. Thank you for your help and advice, Martyn and Sue Fox.

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11:09 AM (33 minutes ago)

Morning Toby, 

Just read the emails, fantastic news and thank you so much for your help with this. Please keep me posted as to when you receive payment, as you say insurance companies are a dodgy lot, but hopefully this is now resolved. 

Take care 

Kind Regards 


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Janice Curtis

Oct 5, 2019, 4:29 PM (4 days ago)

Hi Toby

There was a gap between showers this morning so I decided to brave my first experimental drive. 

Firstly, it was really easy to get the Smart 1 out of my front door and down the step into the street. Unfolding was then a breeze. Folding and getting back into the house was equally easy. 

That problem instantly solved – I knew this was what I needed, just took a while to find it!

Secondly, I am used to driving a Smart4two semi-automatic, and approached the first outing in the same way as when I first bought that. Keep the speed down and give human and inanimate objects plenty of room in case you make a mistake or panic. Do familiar routes on multiple occasions until you are fully confident in your ability. 

The Smart chair is great and does everything as described, and more. It is compact enough to have in the house, and outside is comfortable, smooth and quiet. 

The driver must take responsibility for the handling though. The Controller is very responsive and the chair quite nippy. There is no substitute for time and experience, and I shall do plenty more test drives before I try unfamiliar routes, busy environments, or daring to try a public transport journey. 

It is really good that you have given some driving tips in the handbook too. You know and have faith in your products, but you are also aware that it is a big learning curve for the new owner. Pavement cambers, potholes, obstacles, kerbs, hills, tight turns, people, dogs, vehicles and more, all have to be negotiated. 

I’m looking forward to getting used to my new Smartie. It’ll be a while, especially if it continues to rain, but when I am confident the world will be opened up to me again. It is hard when you are stripped of your independence, but if there’s a will there’s a way. 

Thank you so much for ‘seeing the need’, and for developing this range of folding chairs. Your help, advice and patience when I called was much appreciated, next day delivery couldn’t have been more speedy, and customer service brilliant. I wish you continued success with your business, and I look forward to seeing lots of other happy Smart users in the future. 

Best regards


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Mon, Sep 9, 10:40 AM (1 day ago)

From: Eamonn Roberts 

Message Body: Hi Toby good morning

Thank you so much for time and demonstrating the SC 1 and all the information you supplied and gave me. You did not try to sell me a chair that would not be suitable and took the time to demonstrate the foldable light weight chair I was interested in. You first made sure the chair was easy to get into the boot of my car which was so easy for my partner and I to do so now not only am I able just to have independence I also able to use our car to travel  with the chair with not having to strip my  75kg wheelchair into parts to go places.

 The chair SC 1 is so light and comfy it has changed our lives to the next level and only had it 2 days.  We don’t have to worry anymore about the thought of lifting and getting help to get my old chair into the car. The SC 1 within less than 1 minute it’s in the boot of our and the best part 1 second you can unfold it ready for use.

Thank you so much Toby

I’m not on fb so cant write a review but would recommend your company and the chairs to everyone. One very happy customer. Regards Eamonn Roberts

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Sep 2, 2019, 3:06 PM (18 hours ago)

From: STEPHEN TURK  Subject: [your-subject]

Message Body: 

Dear sir, I have recently purchased your LITH-TECH SMART CHAIR 1 XL. I had problems adjusting the chair to suit my size, having spoken to Toby on numerous occasions; I have never spoken to any operative so helpful and polite before. Just wanted to send a message to thank Toby for all his time and attention. Stephen Turk.

Review: I’m mum/carer of a disabled adult (hence not showing full identity of user in video) We’re impressed with Lith-Tech Mobility products & sales. From first contact got valuable advice from Toby. Made an informed choice. Decided on Smart chair, SC-1. Ordered online Sunday for delivery Wednesday. Well packaged Lith-tech SC-1 arrived Wed a.m. Simple set up; unfold & attach control unit! SC-1 comes charged & ready to go. Before setting off we fitted included user safety belt. A short practice using control unit & SC-1 is easy to use/manoeuvre. Since having SC-1 user has been out over various terrains (smooth routes at shops/garden centre & rougher routes at country park, wildlife parks on grass, rough paths, light gravel, inclines, speed humps & light woody bumps/small roots. The two included batteries last ages! We decided to also buy a carer control pack for carers to assist when user is fatigued & self propel w/chair isn’t always practical. User & carer find it easy to switch driving/controlling. Now 4 months on from purchase – we do routine battery charges & the advised regular check of bolts for quick, simple tightening. Have learnt to completely trust Lith-tech electro magnetic brakes on slopes & when faced with off-lead dogs, scooter riding children & unpredictable toddlers! We’re extremely pleased with SC-1 performance & usability as well as good comms with Toby when we’ve had questions. Enjoying getting about more thanks to Lith-tech. Highly recommended.

Clare Dingle 

Tue, Jul 2, 5:55 PM (16 hours ago)

Hello Toby, 

I just wanted to say thank you for your help today!

You were so patient, and explained everything in great detail, which we appreciated.

No problems getting chair out and working when I got home, and it fits beautifully into my cupboard!

Best wishes,


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Chris Spicer

9:50 AM (10 hours ago)

Dear Toby

Thanks for your attention when we came and saw you at your new unit in Farnham. My wife was a bit wary of getting an electric wheelchair, but you put her worries at ease with your demonstration. When she sat in it she took to it like a duck to water and whizzed around on it. We liked your personal attention on how to operate and fold the chair, how to hold and lift it in to the hatch on the car. But we did come back a week later and purchased a set of ramps which made it easier to load and manoeuvre it into the car by ourselves.

The day after we purchased it, we went down to Selsey where there is a very large car park which was fairly empty at the time, so my wife had a good run around in it, including a run up a long slope to the sea front and over some grass too. The chair performed admirably and she can’t wait to use now that she’s used to holding the joystick to her liking. 

Mon, Jun 17, 1:16 PM (1 day ago)

The chair is a great compact folding wheelchair and I have already been out and about in it and I was also able to fit it in the back of my car.

Toby at Lith-Tech was good enough to see me especially on a Sunday at the showroom and he spent a long time explaining and listening to my needs when I was trying to make the right wheelchair purchase.  Hope all goes well for Lith-Tech in the future.

A Howe

Fri, Jun 14, 8:20 PM (14 hours ago

Hi Toby, The smart chair is just what we wanted, comfortable, manoeuvrable and good outside.  You can customise it easily.  We often get asked about the chair. The battery lasts well,  and my stomach muscles have got stronger from lifting it into the 4×4.

3:01 PM (20 minutes ago)

From: jane Felton  Subject: [your-subject]

Message Body: Hi Toby, I just want you to know the SMART CHAIR 1 has changed my life. I’m only 56 and I haven’t been out by myself for over 10 years but now I go to the local shops and pick up my own shopping, I can meet my friends for coffee – how good is that? (I’ve added some pushchair netting bags on the arm rests to carry my shopping). Hubby loves it because he doesn’t have to push me anymore, he gets tired now cos he can’t keep up with me ( it’s very nippy). I’ve taken it on holiday and days out and I enjoy them so much more because I don’t get tired or in pain. It’s great in shops, turns on a sixpence but it can also handle hills, cobble stones and grass. It fits in our small car boot easily. I’ve given it a realy good test (my Hubby calls it my off-roader) and I’d say to anyone considering a lith-tech chair go for it you will not be disappointed.

David Sheppard

3:23 PM (14 minutes ago)

We’ve used the chair for a few months now, took it on holiday to France and handled the old cobbled roads with no probs at all, their was another wheelchair guest at our hotel who couldn’t use her chair (self propelled) because the wheels were too narrow so kept getting stuck in the gaps! So very dangerous.

My wife has her everyday freedom/independence back now, we had 1 or 2 minor user issues that was sorted out straight away very helpfully by Toby in customer service. So far our investment has been worth every penny – happy days.

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D ChippendaleMon, Jun 10, 10:20 PM (17 hours ago)

Dear Toby,
My wheelchair is perfect.  I took it to Canada to meet my family who I had only written to for the last 77years.  It fulfilled all my hopes and I was able to go out on a visit to a Museum and it was great in the airports.  
We left for Canada from Gatwick and when it arrived at Toronto Pearson Airport it was in perfect condition.
However, we left Toronto Pearson to go to London Heathrow and not only had the baggage people dented and badly scraped my son’s expensive case but one of the black caps on the two standing posts was missing.
Could you please supply me with a replacement cap.
If you let me know the price, I will send you a cheque.

Linsey Arnold
Jun 10, 2019, 4:29 PM (22 hours ago)
Hi Toby, the chair has been a god send.
Although it is not as light as I anticipated I would still buy it again and again.
It has given my husband independence when we are out and about and has relieved me from the wearisome task of having to push him everywhere.
Since purchasing the chair we have been to Florida. Apart from having to remove the lithium battery and take it on board the aircraft with me, there were no hitches.
I did, stupidly, allow it power too low and it was very heavy to push but, as long as I remember to charge it regularly then there isn’t an issue.
I have heard of some people not tightening the nuts regularly; this was not an issue for me, especially as you supplied the tools to do it.
In all, worth every penny.

Dear Toby,

Thank you for your email.  I had been meaning to write to you.

I wanted to thank you for all of your help and the support you gave me in choosing the SC 3.  The chair is absolutely wonderful.  If you remember the chair was delivered to my stepdaughter on a Monday and I arrived on the Saturday and it was all ready to go.  My stepdaughter actually drove the chair to meet me at the taxi.  I was able to get into my chair and drive to the garage and up the lift and straight into her apartment.

Interestingly, for step-free access I had to drive into the underground garage and up the lift and the exact same coming out. Now the garage is underground and there is a large ramp to get up to the street level.  The ramp is, I guess, a 30 degrees slope.  The SC 3 went up the ramp with no problem at all and it wasn’t on the highest setting.  Fantastic.

I was able to take the path by the river and we went to a pub for lunch.  The following week I went to my appointment at the hospital and afterwards we went to the V&A museum.  Everything was so easy.  When I ordered an Uber taxi the chair was folded up and put in the back.  I was also able to order a wheelchair accessible black cab and I drove straight into the taxi.

On the way back to France, I was able to drive my chair throughout Stansted airport directly to the plane.  It was checked at the gate and it was at the bottom of the stairs when I arrived in Bergerac.

I’m so happy I decided to get the SC 3.  It is a wonderful chair. Thank you.

If there is one consideration, it would be the way that the under chair bag is fastened at the front.  Every time I raise or lower the footrest the front of the bag is detached.  A small point but nonetheless one to think about.

I had no problem with Ryanair and the batteries but it would be good to have the new stickers just in case.

Again thank you very much for your wonderful chair I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Kind regards,

Scott Bayliss