There are three straightforward ways to order depending how tech and computer savvy you are.


  1. Simply either call us and we can give each other the information we both need to make the transfer and complete the sale. Or just go to the contact us tab and send us an email with your order.
  2. On the email to us make sure you leave these details; Full Name,  Address,  Phone Number,  Email Address,  Model of Chair and the Colour of Chair.
  3. We will then pick up this order, email you our business bank details straight back and you can then make the transfer, once we have the funds we will email and let you know for peace of mind.
  4. When we have received your funds we will email you and let you know and then send your chair out by Express delivery within 48 hours.


  1. Search for the product.
  2. Click on the product and add the quantity to the cart.
  3. Then checkout using our online form where you can put in all your details.
  4. Then you can pay by credit or debit card at the end of the order.


By far the easiest and most common method – Just call us up and we will place the order for you over the phone so you don’t have to do a thing other than give us the details we ask for. You can call and order this way from 9am – 5pm.