Our Partners

Our Partners

The Power of Partnering with the right People

We understand the power of creating good, solid partnerships. At LITH-TECH we’ve made it our mission to only partner with the very best from our industry.

By making strategic partnerships it means we can be a complete one stop shop for all our customers, which saves them time, confusing research and unnecessary hassle.

By partnering with companies that are known specialist in what they do, it really helps to boost LITH-TECH’S brand awareness, brand trust and credibility but most importantly shows that we really care about trying to help our customers get the best all round mobility solutions that are available.

Both the companies we partner with are market leaders and also like LITH-TECH are actual specialists in their chosen field. Both our partners also offer the best pricing, best products, knowledge and customer service.

We want our customers to only have the best and we believe that between LITH-TECH, and our strategic partnerships, FISH INSURANCE and AUTOCHAIR they are getting just that.

Use LITH-TECH’S dealer code 3707 for your insurance discount.



We have been partnered with Fish Insurance SINCE 2019. Fish are the go to mobility insurer in the Uk.

They have been operating for over 45 years, offer the best level cover and most competitive pricing in the industry.

The policy you want is the standard Cover and with our dealer code of 3707 your insurance will only cost you around £6 a month. This will cover you for;

  • Lost and stolen
  • Personal Effects
  • Personal Injury
  • Accidental Damage
  • Public / Third Party Liability (this is the important one)

With LITH-TECH you get 1 years Manufacturer warranty with your chair but when thats over you can rely on FISH to offer you an extended warranty. This is available for 1, 2 or 3 years

  • 1 Year Extended Warranty – £116.00
  • 2 Years Extended Warranty – £206
  • 3 Years Extended Warranty – £296

At LITH-TECH we want to offer our customers products that can really help to change their lives and that are also the very best products that are available on the market, for this reason we have partnered with Autochair now trading under the parent company name of Mobility In Motion.

AUTOCHAIR specialise in auto hoists for Electric Wheelchairs ranging from their flagship model the Smart Lifter – which is a 40kg hoist all the way up to their larger 200kg hoist.

They also have The Smart Transfer Person Lift which takes a max load of 23.5 stone.