Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Budget Vs Quality Folding Electric Wheelchairs


An indepth LITH-TECH SC-X review and why it’s the most capable chair on the market.

LITH-TECH SMART CHAIR X XL a very capable folding electric wheelchair with a wide seat.

A Lightweight Folding Electric wheelchair thats perfect for travel – The LITH-TECH compact +

Operating a foldable Electric Wheelchair for Beginners by LITH-TECH Mobility

How to maintain your Folding Powerchair by LITH-TECH Mobility

LITH-TECH light weight folding electric wheelchair (compact) indoor obstacle course (PART 2)

LITH-TECH lightweight folding electric wheelchair (compact +) indoor obstacle course (PART 1)

LITH-TECH SMART LIFTER (portable hoist/scissor lift) getting your wheelchair into the car

Why you need to buy from a (specialist) folding electric wheelchair company like LITH-TECH Mobility

How to charge your LITH-TECH folding electric wheelchair

Why buy a folding power chair from us? And some home truths…

How to attach a headrest

How to attach and use the leg extensions

Safety when using a folding electric wheelchair with Lith-Tech Mobility

How best to control your wheelchair and make the joystick less sensitive.

LITH-TECH MOBILITY capable lightweight wheelchair (Compact +) electric folding wheelchair

LITH-TECH Mobility SMART CHAIR RECLINER demonstration.

Naidex 2023 LITH-TECH’s lightweight SMART CHAIR X on the test track

Multi Terrain LITH-TECH SMART CHAIR XL lightweight folding wheelchair (Naidex) test track

How to attach and use carer assist controls

How to change over your joystick from the right hand side over to the left.

LITH-TECH How to get the most out of life and from your Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair uk. Freedom, looking after ourselves and Mental Health.

We discuss the LITH-TECH range of 2023

How to fold and unfold our new LITH-TECH Compact + folding electric wheelchair (demo video)

The correct way of attaching your detachable bag

Getting in and out of your lith-tech electric folding wheelchair

How to use our lightweight 6ft telescopic car ramps

A guide to taking curbs & cambers in a folding electric wheelchair for beginners

A warehouse tour. And we talk stock levels, spare parts and we talk about the upcoming (recession)

How to fold an electric wheelchair (LITH-TECH SMART CHAIR RECLINER 2022 Model) Full Demo

How to use the LITH-TECH SMART CHAIR Folding electric wheelchair……in a skate park!

Boxing Day walk around LITH-TECH Headquarters in Farnham, Surrey 2022

LITH-TECH COMPACT (folding and unfolding made easy)

LITH-TECH SMART CHAIR X demonstrating it’s incredible capabilities in a local skate park.

LITH-TECH COMPACT (showing how light & compact it is)

Easiest way to unbox your new wheelchair

How to use ramps in freewheel and electric mode

How to correctly lift your new LITH-TECH wheelchair into the car (1 and 2 man lift)

5ft Telescopic Ramps (Customer Demonstration)

LITH-TECH TRAVEL BAG (how to put it on)

How to lift your Wheelchair into the car in a safe manner (This customer demonstrates how)