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Who we are?

LITH-TECH Mobility a Surrey based Electric Folding Wheelchair super-store.

We are UK’s No 1 online Electric Folding wheelchair brand and the biggest business to end user Folding Electric Wheelchair company in the whole Uk.

With our new Surrey Headquarters at full capacity we can now hold well over 300 wheelchairs and currently hold around 200 ready to be either demoed or available to purchase online for instant free 24-48 hour delivery.

LITH-TECH offer the most versatile range of folding electric wheelchairs in the Uk which means we can cater to almost every users needs that makes an enquiry with us. Not only are our chairs the highest quality chairs you can buy in the UK right now but we also offer an even better customer service and experience and really make sure every individual that contacts us goes away with the perfect chair for their situation. We also offer insurance, warranty and instant response and solution on any after care or warranty issues, wether it be within your first year on fifth year.

We offer our customers and various establishments a well thought out array of chairs, including our iconic Multi-terrain Smart Chair Range. With 11 chairs in our range we literally have a chair for everyone.

Our brand specialises in and only sells folding electric wheelchairs meaning we are experts in our field and can offer every customer that calls us a completely personal and tailor made experience so we can fit them in the perfect chair to suite their needs rather than just selling everyone who walks through our door the same chair as it’s the only one we stock (exactly what happens in your local mobility shop)

We don’t even need to see our customers as we can fully qualify you over the phone without any need for a demo (this is actually what we do with 85% of all our customers)

We also offer a range of accessories to add to your wheelchair purchase which will not only make your life easier (telescopic ramps) but also give you the comfort you need from your chair when using it day to day (headrest, leg extensions or a carer pack)! These add ons combined with our chairs mean we can then cater for almost any specific individual and their disability, making us a complete one stop shop.

Unlike most mobility companies we actually hold all our own stock in every model (now over 200 electric folding chairs when fully stocked) which means that once you place your order you are guaranteed the chair of your choice at an industry leading turn around time of next business day, and not only that… its completely free (in 95% of UK areas).

Our lovely new premises is situated over nearly 4000 sq ft and is based in Farnham, Surrey right in-between the A3 and M3.

We are predominantly an online company but we also carry out daily demos at our headquarters.

The LITH-TECH Brand (short for lithium technology) solely specialises in high-tech, lightweight, folding electric wheelchairs that only use lithium batteries.

We understand how important it is for our customers to keep their freedom and independence. For that very reason we make it our mission to stock a chair that is suitable for every person and that meets most customer needs and conditions.

Over half of our range can boost being the best in each category worldwide.

So whether its age related or you have a disability we are sure that we can help you find the right electric wheelchair to aid in making your life easier and give you back your freedom.

Check out our website testimonials, Video section, Youtube Channel and Facebook page 🙂 We are currently the highest rated Folding Electric Wheelchair brand in the UK on Trustpilot, Google and on Facebook so its safe to say you’re in safe hands.