• 18 December 2023Testimonials
    Customer Story – Faith Wallis
  • 18 December 2023Testimonials
    Customer Story – Alex with Chronic Fatigue

    Alex bought the SC-ONE from us to help him with […]

  • LITH-TECH’S PLAN FOR 2023 So we are now in the year 2023, and […]

  • Godshill-Model-Village-Wheelchair-Accessible
    Best Wheelchair Accessible Day Trips in Hampshire

    Hampshire is full of fantastic places to explore, many of which are wheelchair accessible. Discover LITH-TECH’s top picks today.

  • Wheelchair user in airport
    Best Accessible Airlines for Disabled Passengers

    Discover which UK airlines do most for mobility needs with LITH-TECH. We cover the help you can get while flying with each major UK airline. Read today.

  • Wheelchair friendly garden design
    Five Easy Ideas and Tips for a Wheelchair-Friendly Garden

    Discover how you can make a wheelchair friendly garden and easy ways to create accessible gardens for all.

  • lithtech Wheelchair user with Family
    Signs You or a Loved One May Need a Wheelchair

    Moving into a wheelchair can be a daunting decision. We discuss how you may know it is time to move into a wheelchair, and how it can unlock your freedoms. Read today.

  • LITH-TECH wheelchair user on grass (1)
    Can Electric Wheelchairs Go On Grass?

    Discover how certain folding electric wheelchairs can go on grass, and the requirements that a wheelchair needs to successfully navigate grassy terrains. Read now.

  • Hampton Court Palace Days Out in Surrey
    Best Wheelchair Accessible Day Trips in Surrey

    Famed for its many areas of outstanding natural beauty and historic landmarks, the southern county of Surrey holds many opportunities for memorable days out. And with great options for those exploring using a wheelchair, its day trips can be enjoyed by all. Read on to discover LITH-TECH’s favourite wheelchair accessible day trips in Surrey.

  • Lith tech wheelchairs being used safely
    How to Use an Electric Wheelchair Safely

    Learn how to use an electric wheelchair safely with LITH-TECH including navigating pavements and choosing the right wheelchair.

  • An idyllic lane for walking in the Surrey area.
    Best Wheelchair-Friendly and Accessible Walks in Surrey

    Discover accessible routes in Surrey, friendly for wheelchair users, compiled by leading mobility specialist LITH-TECH. Read more and explore the outdoors.

  • how-does-wheelchair-work
    How Does An Electric Wheelchair Work?

    Electric wheelchairs work through a series of motors, powered by batteries and controlled through a joystick. Find out more on this in our latest blog today.

  • History of the Electric Wheelchair (1)
    The History of the Electric Wheelchair

    Here’s the evolution of the electric wheelchair through the ages, from its initial invention to the first time a motorised wheelchair was introduced to the market. The experts at LITH TECH have the key dates that every wheelchair user will find interesting.

  • Benefits of an Electric Wheelchair
    Top 6 Benefits of an Electric Wheelchair

    There are many advantages of choosing an electric wheelchair over a mobility scooter, from ease of transport to style. Read our blog for the top 6 benefits.

  • Electric Wheelchair Spare and Replacement Parts
    Electric Wheelchair Spare & Replacement Parts

    When buying a mobility aid, it’s often easy to overlook any electric wheelchair spare or replacement parts that can help in an emergency. For tips, read here.

  • Insurance for your wheelchair
    Do I Need Insurance for My Electric Wheelchair?

    Insurance for your electric wheelchair isn’t a requirement, but it is recommended. Read on to find out about the laws around insurance and using your wheelchair.