Here are the questions we get asked most often by our customers.

How long has LITH-TECH been operating?2024-01-13T23:25:50+00:00

LITH-TECH started in 2017 as a garage start up business. These days we operate out of a huge 4000 sq ft premises in Farnham, Surrey and have grown to be the No 1 online Electric Folding Wheelchair brand in the whole Uk with 7 figure sales for the last 3 years.

Are the wheelchairs easy to fold?2024-01-08T12:48:26+00:00

Yes, all our wheelchairs have a similar in/out pram style fold. This can literally be done in seconds and is the easiest on the market. 

The only chair that does not fold in this manner is our LITH-TECH Compact, it has to be a different style of fold to get it as small and compact as it is.

Do you have a showroom I can visit?2024-01-08T12:36:48+00:00

Yes we have a showroom in Farnham.

If you would like to see the any of our powered wheelchairs or accessories please contact us to book a time that suits you. More information about our demonstrations can be found on the demo page on the website.

How long does it take to receive my equipment once it has been ordered?2024-01-12T15:32:50+00:00

We keep a stock of all our products in-house, from our Wheelchairs to Accessories and all Spare Parts. This means we have everything ready to go for instant dispatch. Orders placed before 12pm are usually dispatched the same day on a 24-48 hr service with TNT/FEDEX

What types of surfaces can I use my wheelchair on?2024-01-08T12:17:39+00:00

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are designed for many different purposes. Some scooters and wheelchairs are only designed for smooth and flat surfaces like carbon fibre chairs or very lightweight models.

Others Electric Folding Wheelchairs are more suitable for more challenging terrain types, these type of wheelchairs are normally referred to as (Multi-Terrain) chairs.

This is why it is essential for you to discuss your intended use with us so we can advise you on the right product for your needs and lifestyle. 

Does my wheelchair need to be serviced?2024-01-08T12:04:41+00:00

All our chairs are designed to be low maintenance and pretty self sufficient but there are some things that need be done every 4 months to ensure that your chair continues to be safe and function effectively.

We have some videos on our website and on youtube titled (wheelchair maintenance) which will explain how to fully look after your wheelchair so it doesn’t need to be serviced.

However, if your disability doesn’t allow you to do any maintenance of your chair or you don’t have a friend or family member to help you, you will need to get your chair serviced by LITH-TECH once a year.

Do I have to register my wheelchair with the DVLA?2024-01-08T11:42:02+00:00

No, some mobility aids do but none of the LITH-TECH products do. Wheelchairs fall into two categories – class 2 and class 3. Class 2 devices are capable of a maximum speed of 4 mph and are only intended for use on a footpath. These devices do not need to be registered with the DVLA.

My wheelchair is not able to travel the distance stated in the user manual?2024-01-13T23:32:20+00:00

The distance stated in your user manual is a maximum range that is calculated under test conditions and is known as a ”treadmill” range, this is an industry standard and is how mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs battery range is indicated on websites and user manuals.

On our website for each of our models we put a treadmill range and a real world range. In real world situations a number of factors will affect the distance that you can travel in your wheelchair. These includes outside air temperature, tyre pressure, user weight, type of terrain, hills and the age and condition of your batteries etc.

How you charge your batteries also directly affects how they perform. It’s easy to understand that you can undercharge your batteries by not charging them enough, but did you know that it is also possible to over charge your batteries by charging them too much?

Please speak to one of the LITH-TECH experts regarding the best way to charge and maintain your batteries.

Will I be able to fly with my wheelchair?2024-01-12T15:34:08+00:00

Yes all our batteries are compliant with all airlines world wide.

Most of our wheelchairs come with 2 x 6ah batteries (24V and 144 Watt Hour)

The Smart Chair X and X XL model comes with 2 x 10ah batteries (some airlines with allow both batteries, some only one battery)

What type of batteries are used on your wheelchairs?2024-01-13T23:40:07+00:00

LITH-TECH is short for Lithium Technology, so we only use the best quality lithium batteries you can buy.

With cheaper wheelchairs you also get cheap batteries, this dramatically keeps the cost down, however these batteries are heavier, produce less range, only last about 1.5 years and most importantly are much more inclined to be faulty or potentially flammable/hazardous.

In comparison LITH-TECH only uses quality lithium batteries which will roughly last 4-6 years or around 1000 charges, weigh less and produce far more mileage and are 10 times safer.

For ease of use, our batteries can also be charged on or off the wheelchair.

Why buy a wheelchair from Lith-Tech?2024-01-16T12:35:37+00:00

Lith-Tech has been leading the way in advancing new technologies for electric folding wheelchairs since 2017, making us one of the longest operating Folding Powerchair brands in the whole UK. To date we have sold over 4000 wheelchairs and pride ourselves in supplying the best electric folding wheelchairs available. Because of  our vast knowledge and understanding of the industry we only work with the very best factories and partners world wide so we can guarantee our customers the very best and most reliable products possible.

An important thing to think about when buying a LITH-TECH Electric Folding Wheelchair is you’re not just buying a high quality product which will come with higher quality components, lighter weight frames, better battery life and range, but you are also buying into the LITH-TECH brand! This alone gives you the added security knowing that you are always in safe hands – as LITH-TECH

  • Are the only actual specialist in Folding Electric Wheelchairs in the UK.
  • We don’t sell wholesale! This means you will only ever deal with us directly, so you are guaranteed the best advice and service from start to finish.
  • Won’t go out of business in any type of covid or recession crisis.
  • Hold the most amount of stock of any company in the UK – Meaning you get your chair, accessory or spare part straight away.
  • Offer over 100 wheelchair and tutorial videos on youtube, demonstrating our passion, knowledge and transparency as a company.
  • Have the highest level of product and disability knowledge in the industry with spot on customer service and second to none aftercare to match.




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