10 Questions and things you might want to know about LITH-TECH Mobility

1. Why buy a LITH-TECH Wheelchair?

Firstly when buying a LITH-TECH Electric Folding Wheelchair, you’re not just buying a better quality product which will come with higher quality components, lighter weight frames, better battery life and range, but you are also buying into LITH-TECH the brand, which means you’re not just buying a LITH-TECH wheelchair because you like the chair, you’re also buying it because of the added security you get when buying from the biggest folding electric wheelchair company in the UK who:

  • Won’t go out of business in any covid or recession crisis.
  • Hold the most amount of stock of any company in the UK.
  • Hold the largest quantity of spare parts ready for next day shipping.
  • Have the highest level of product and disability knowledge in the industry with spot on customer service and second to none aftercare to match.

2. How long has LITH-TECH been operating?

LITH-TECH started in 2017 as garage start up business. These days we operate out of a huge 4000 sq ft premises in Farnham, Surrey and have grown to be the No 1 online electric folding wheelchair brand in the whole Uk with 7 figure sales yearly.

3. Do you do instore demos?

We can easily qualify you and help you choose the right chair for you over the phone so you don’t actually need to physically see it but we do also offer and encourage customers to book a demo at our Farnham premises where possible. During a demo, our experienced staff will give you a full consultation and then we will tailor the perfect chair to match the users needs. We will take the customers out to a local estate to teach them how to use the wheelchair safely, things like how to do curbs (forward and in reverse) and cambers and demonstrating the chair on grass. Once back we will look at the different and easiest ways of getting your chair in and out the car by yourself or with family member help. Finally we will adjust the wheelchairs characteristics to make sure the chair is set up perfectly for the user so they feel totally safe and in control.

The characteristics we can change on a wheelchair are things like:

  • Reducing or increasing joystick sensitivity
  • The way in which the chair accelerates
  • Braking time and distance
  • Speed settings  
  • At the end of the demo the user will have their new chair set up for them perfectly, and most importantly they will leave knowing they have bought the best chair for their needs but also they will know how to use it effectively and safely.

4. How many different models are there?

Right now, LITH-TECH have 9 different models in our Range. We have a couple of light weight models like our compact range and our iconic Smart Chair Range which are multi terrain Folding Electric Wheelchairs. These include standard models, XL models and a reclining model. These chairs all have different use cases, different seating positions and slightly different features meaning some will be better for certain disabilities over others etc. LITH-TECH are trained to be able to help you pick the right model for you and your needs.

5. What type of batteries are used on LITH-TECH wheelchairs?

LITH-TECH is short for Lithium Technology so we only use the best quality lithium-ion batteries you can buy. Unlike cheap Electric Folding Wheelchairs which batteries will only last about 1.5 years, our quality lithium batteries will last you roughly 4-5 years or around 1000 charges. For ease of use, our batteries can also be charged on or off the wheelchair.

6. What are the advantages of a LITH-TECH wheelchair over a conventional scooter?

There are many advantages of why you should choose a LITH-TECH wheelchair over a scooter. One of the big factors is manoeuvrability, unlike scooters which are whats called (long wheelbase) and are very narrow meaning they have huge turning circles making them almost impossible to use inside, LITH-TECH chairs are (Short wheelbase) and can spin on their own axis making them very manoeuvrable in even the tightest of situations. One of the big problems with a scooter is the seating position. Having a hunched over posture, with your shoulders forward is bad for not only your shoulders but also your spine and is very unnatural whereas with a wheelchair you are in what’s called a neutral seating position putting almost zero stress on your body. Unlike folding electric scooters (or travel scooter) that have to normally break down into multiple pieces, a LITH-TECH wheelchairs doesn’t require to be dismantled and can just be folded and popped straight into your car boot.

7. What is the weight of your wheelchairs?

We’ve made sure that weight can be reduced with ease with quick release batteries, this aids with off chair charging and also when making chairs lighter for lifting. Our lightest wheelchair starts at just 19kg with the lithium batteries removed and even our multi terrain chairs are only 23-24kg without the batteries. Our lightweight folding electric wheelchairs are not just UK leading, they’re world leading. Designed to be lightweight, functional, comfortable, transportable and have great capabilities.

8. Order process and delivery?

Most people will start their journey on our website, reading over the different chair specs, their use cases, watching our YouTube tutorial videos and reading all our 5 star reviews.  Some people buy online straight through our website, but most people will email or call in to ask us for advice on what chair best suits their needs. Even if someone buys online without speaking to us first, we will always call them before sending the chair out as a lot of the time we have to change their chair choice. As we hold all stock here at our headquarters, once we have agreed on the chair choice, we will then make up the order and dispatch the order that afternoon, (using either DHL or TNT). Delivery of the chair will be made in 24-48 hours. If you live in either the Isle of Wight or The Scottish Highlands or any island there will be extra postage costs (these are all on our accessories page).

9. If lifting the wheelchair into my car isn’t an option, are there alternative solutions?

Yes, we offer two solutions if lifting into the car isn’t possible. Firstly, we offer a ramp solution. Designed to easily manoeuvre your electric wheelchair into the boot of your car. These 5ft or 6ft telescopic wheelchair car ramps allow you to simply fold the chair and push it straight into your car boot. These ramps can hold up to 65 stone, meaning the wheelchair can be used in free wheel or electric mode (and even with the user on the chair)
Another option would be to use a hoist. LITH-TECH have partnered with AUTOCHAIR, they specialise in auto hoists for mobility scooters and wheelchairs ranging from 30kg up to 200kg. They also have a smart transfer person lift with a max load of 23.5 stone.

10. What the smallest Vehicle a Lith-Tech Wheelchair could fit in, would I need a WAV?

A WAV isn’t a necessity when buying one of our Wheelchairs. Our electric folding wheelchairs remain compact enough that they will fit in almost any car boot; for example, you would be able to fit one of our LITH-TECH Smart Chair 1’s into a ford fiesta boot. If you are unsure if a certain chair will fit into your boot, please just call and we can advise you.