Benefits of an Electric Wheelchair

At LITH-TECH our number one goal is to match our customers with the right chair for their needs to dramatically improve the quality of their life and so they can reclaim their freedom. Although 90% of our customers have the confidence to buy from us directly without seeing or trialing our chairs we do always recommend taking full advantage of our free consultation.

When you phone LITH-TECH we have very knowledgeable staff here ready to hold your hand throughout the whole process, assess your needs, ease your concerns and ascertain which chair is going to be the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

In addition to a free telephone consultation you can also take advantage of our extensive library of videos and tutorials which cover everything from wheelchair demonstrations to how to get your wheelchair in and out of the car.

If you don’t feel comfortable buying from us over the phone, below are your other options;

As well as telephone consultations, we are now operating video consultations and demonstrations. This has proved very popular if you can’t get in to see us in person but want a tailor made experience.

Or you could come and visit our wheelchair superstore in Surrey and try out our selection of chairs first hand, have us professionally demonstrate them to you, offer our recommendations and give you all the knowledge you need about the different chairs, their use cases and their typical customer each one caters to.

On the demonstration we will even take you outside and teach you the best and safest ways to take hills, tackle cambers, potholes and go up and down curbs. Lastly we will teach you and your family members all the different ways to get your wheelchair in and out of the car in the easiest and safest manner.

We massively encourage all customers who are even just browsing our website to just pick up the phone and give us a call. The depth of information we can give you within just minutes to ease the confusion and help you on your way is 100% worth it.

Call us today to book your free consultation

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