Our chairs literally sell themselves and we actually do 80% of our business and sales online or over the phone without any need for a physical, face to face consultation or demonstration either at our head office or the customers home.

A lot of the time our customers call us up saying that they have trawled the internet and done their research but they just keep on coming back to our site. At this point they now know that they want one of our chairs but alot of the time they are not sure which one would suit them best. The other scenario we find all the time is they call us up ready to place an order and think they want one of our models, but once we have had a chat, fully qualified them and found out their real needs it turns out that they really need another model all together. 

We completely understand that some customers are very cautious and may want to try before they buy and want to feel fully informed before they make a larger purchase. Normally these fears are from past experiences of either buying off eBay or just going to their local mobility shop where the staff just sell a range of old school mobility products and haven’t actually got a clue about the current electric wheelchair market and more commonly only stock one type of electric folding chair (the same one they have held for the last 4 years) and they just try and flog that same chair to every electric wheelchair customer who walks through the door whether its actually right for them or not.

When you phone LITH-TECH. The telephone consultation we give you over the phone is the exact same one as you would get in our showroom so it really doesn’t matter if you’re there in person or not. Based on the answers you provide us to a set of questions we ask about your lifestyle, living circumstances, who you surround yourself with on a daily basis, your uses for the chair, body composition, and affordability we can straight away match you to the right chair to suit your needs whether we see you face to face or not. When you’re a specialist in something you actually care about what you offer your customers and its irrelevant if what we recommend you sits at the lowest price point or the highest price point, its all about whatever right for your needs. Our number one goal is simply to match you with the right chair for you to change your life dramatically.

If you don’t feel comfortable putting your trust with us over the phone to help you choose your chair there are another couple of options.

You could Come visit us in Farnham and try out a selection of our chairs first hand with the help of us to fully demonstrate them to you, make our recommendations whilst giving you all the knowledge about the different chairs, their use cases and their typical customer they cater to. We will even take you outside and teach you the best and safest ways to take hills, potholes and curbs and lastly teach you and your family members how to get it in and out the car the easiest and safest way.

If after all this you are not able to come to us for whatever reason or can’t get a friend or family member to bring you over then we can occasionally do home visits hugely dependent on your location in the UK and our time availability. This is more for local customers once we have fully qualified you and had a lengthy chat over the phone first.

We massively encourage all customers who are even just browsing our site to just pick up the phone and give us a call. Wether you end up buying from us or not, the depth of information we can give you within just minutes to simply help you with your decision and to ease the confusion is 100% worth it and you will really learn something. We literally experience these types of calls everyday from customers just going back and forth through the different sites and getting themselves so confused that in the end they fail to even realise how different every single wheelchair is and that there are different quality chairs and brands which all have different use cases and perform totally differently.

At the end of the day shopping for your new power chair is no different from buying a car, (some are like Ford Fiestas or Vauxhall Corsa’s) which look smart enough and ride ok but really only just about get the job done but then (others are like Bmw or Audi) and not only get the job done, but they give you confidence, are safer and much more capable. If you were to try different chair brands back to back you would see how different they actually all perform. For some it’s literally night and day.