LITH-TECH is a UK brand specialising in lightweight, electric folding wheelchairs and these are the chairs key selling points.

  • The Indisputable and best selling Xl Chair in the UK over the last two years.
  • Strongest electric folding wheelchair in the world, taking a max user weight of 28 stone which is amazing from just a 23kg chair (26kg with batteries)
  • Widest seat space and space between the arm rests of any electric folding wheelchair in the world.
  • Perfect for the larger individual that wants a great all round chair but also needs the extra space so they are comfortable and feel content going about their daily life. The chair also folds up very small and can be lifted easily lifted and handle multiple terrain types.
  • Larger and softer 12.5 inch wheels with puncture proof tyres to absorb bumps and give the user the best possible ride experience.
  • Best in class 250w brushless motors with Electromagnetic Braking for instant stopping even on inclines and declines.


LITH-TECH Smart Chair 1 XL 

This is our Folding Electric Smart Wheelchair with (removal charging lithium batteries)

The frame is made up of a blend of aerospace titanium and aluminium which not only makes it light weight but also very strong. It can withstand a load of 180kg (28stone), which is the best on the market by a long way.
The lithium batteries used on our Smart Chair 1 XL are neatly stored away in the arms of the frames to not only keep this wheelchair looking sleek but also user friendly and functional as both batteries can either stay in the frame and be charged through the joystick or can to be charged easily off the chair through the battery itself.
Our Smart Chair charges in 5 hours unless the battery is fully drained which we don’t advice – and can go an industry leading distance of 18 miles on a single charge.

Its dimensions are as follows:
Folded 610mm x 260mm x 770mm – Unfolded 960mm x 580mm x 930mm
Has a larger seat and width between the armrests of 530mm which is the widest option on the market so is perfect for larger individuals.
This chair is also great for traveling anywhere worldwide and is one of the only chairs on the market that comply with the new airport lithium battery guidelines. 80% of the chairs on the UK market don’t and are not eligible to take on a plane under the new rules.
The smart chair 1 XL folds up or down in one second, is light weight and can easily fit into even the smallest of car boots. The arms on this chair also fold up out of the way so you can easily fit under a table for eating, drinking and even working and also makes it easier from getting into the chair from the side.

The Chair comes with a mains charger, which plugs straight into the joystick which charges the chair as a whole. It also comes with an adaptor which plugs into the charger which then fits directly into the actual batteries so they can be charged separately.
The chair has amazing manoeuvrability and great turning circle due to its 360 degree adjustable joystick, giving it a turning circle on its own axis which makes even the tightest of spaces seem easy to get around in. The joystick is equipped with an on and off button, a battery level indicator, horn for user safety and 5 different speed settings.
This chair also has the ability to add extras to it if the individual needs for their certain disability: including – a carer assist package with dual controls for a price of £115, which gives you a rear bracket, fitting kit and another joystick which attaches to the top of the backrest of the chair so a carer or loved one can take control of the chair from behind. Legs rest attachments £120.00, Head rest £115.00 and lastly Ramps £115.00


  1. 1 seconds folding and unfolding, easy for using on plane, bus or train.
  2. Very light weight, only 23kg and 26kg with batteries and folds up very small.
  3. Strongest and widest folding chair in the whole world.
  4. Frame material: 7003 aerospace titanium-aluminum alloy.
  5. Certificates: CE;FDA;ISO9001; ISO13485.
  6. High efficiency brushless hub motor.
  7. Bigger rear rubber tyres, stronger durability, better grip and safety
  8. Next day posting by TNT Express, should receive order in 1-2 working days.
  9. We offer a 12 month warranty on all our Wheelchair

Dimensions 68 × 44 × 88 cm