Can Electric Wheelchairs Go On Grass?

By Published On: 29 June 2022

For those with an adventurous sense in life, those who enjoy exploring the outdoors, or those who want to be able to access their garden, an electric wheelchair can be limiting if you choose one not suited for multiple terrains.

Certain folding electric wheelchairs can go on grass, if they’ve been equipped with the parts to make it possible, such as multi terrain wheels.

The yearning to explore and be able to experience the outdoors without being restricted to accessible pathways are one key reason many look for a suitable all-terrain wheelchair. So, can you take an electric wheelchair on grass, and how do you find a wheelchair that is suitable for all terrains?

Can I Take An Electric Wheelchair On Grass?

Yes, electric wheelchairs can go on grass if they have multi-terrain wheels. The grass conditions will need to be dry and fairly flat for a wheelchair to safely and comfortably navigate different terrains without difficulties.

What Are Multi-Terrain Wheels?

Multi-terrain wheels are larger than the average electric wheelchair wheel and look more like a mountain bike tyre than a standard wheelchair tyre.

The extra grip properties, coupled with the additional surface area and the oversized nature of the tyre means that it’s able to efficiently go over multi-terrain areas that users of traditional wheelchairs or mobility scooters would otherwise struggle to navigate.

What Does an Electric Wheelchair Need to Go on Grass?

To be able to successfully navigate grass, a folding electric wheelchair must have:

  1. A high ground clearance. This is to ensure that any bumps or elevations in the ground, or stray twigs or loose debris, don’t damage the motors or the batteries. While LITH-TECH chairs have high ground clearance on our Smart Chair range, we also have battery casings to ensure the batteries stay safe while you explore.
  2. Puncture proof tyres. Some mobility chair tyres are air filled rather than solid, which increases the risk of a puncture. A puncture can be devastating for an electric wheelchair user, as it completely takes away any freedom. Solid wheels have that additional reassurance on days out.
  3. Strong brakes. Without strong brakes, on slippy surfaces or damp grass, you’re likely to run into trouble. At LITH-TECH, we use electromagnetic brakes, combined with solid rubber tyres to ensure that even on inclines and declines, you can be safe.

How to Use Your Electric Wheelchair on Grass

When taking your folding electric wheelchair on grass, whether you’ve used a wheelchair on grass before or not, there are a few simple things to consider. It’s best to be sure of your abilities before heading onto grass, as a lack of practise and being too confident in your abilities can mean breaking down or damage to you and/or your electric wheelchair.

Visually check for areas of damp or mud

Before you head onto a patch of grass, try and visually check as best as possible for areas of excessive damp, mud or water.

As these will damage your wheelchair, it’s important that you check as best you can before you go onto grass and choose a route that doesn’t rely entirely on covering grass. If you are anxious, ask a family member, friend, or carer to go on a walk with you to ensure that you don’t get caught out by unsuspecting mud!

Keep a consistent speed

While on light grass or dry mud you can change the speed around a lot easier, on long stretches of grass it’s best to keep a consistent speed and course to improve traction.

Like when using a wheelchair on snow, longer or wet grass should be treated the same when it comes to speed. Excessive speed could you easily get out of control, slide or potentially get stuck in a rut, leading to a broken wheelchair.

Clean your wheelchair afterwards

As metal can rust if not dried properly, it’s important that you remove any mud or bits of grass after taking your electric wheelchair outside and onto grass, stony paths, grit or sand.

Ask a friend or carer to help with this, as it’s easier to do when you’re not sitting in the wheelchair. If the mud is dry, brush it off with a small brush, and if it’s wet, wipe as much as you can off with a damp towel or cloth.

Which Electric Wheelchair is Good on Grass?

Here at LITH-TECH, we have a variety of fantastic SMART Chair range wheelchairs on offer, but the one we always recommend for those wanting to explore the outside the most is our Smart Chair X or the Smart Chair X XL for those who need more room between the arm rests.

The Smart Chair X is our flagship model, and comes with incredible ground clearance, puncture proof oversized tyres and a strong but lightweight frame.

For more information, please give us a ring on 01252 214052.

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