Electric Wheelchair Spare & Replacement Parts

By Published On: 30 December 2021

When buying a wheelchair, it’s often easy to overlook any spare or replacement parts that can help in an emergency, or simply out of convenience. If, for example, you’re travelling long distances, it can be helpful to bring along a spare battery.

When buying a wheelchair, consider whether the supplier has spares readily available, otherwise you many end up waiting weeks for new parts to arrive. If a part wears down, breaks unexpectedly, or a key part is misplaced, then travelling with, or storing, spares and replacements can help you avoid frustrating wait times or errors.

Organise your electric wheelchair parts

Determining which parts you need, and how to organise items, is a critical step. It also matters where you store your spares. A clean and dry environment is far better than a damp space like your garage. For example, don’t store your batteries outside in temperatures below zero or on a hot summers day in direct sunlight.

Storing items in a safe place in your house is advisable. Keeping spares and replacements in the original packaging, or in a designated electric wheelchair bag, can help keep parts protected against wear or damage.

When organising your wheelchair parts, it’s helpful to take inventory of what you have, any measurements, and what additional accessories you use.

Here are the priorities for organising your electric wheelchair parts:

• Note any spare parts you already have, including brands and models.
• Write down any measurements, so you know when ordering replacements.
• Itemise any accessories you use.
• Plan to store all electric wheelchair items in a safe protected space.

When electric wheelchair parts need replacing

Not all electric wheelchairs are created equal. But for those who use a powerchair often, and for more demanding journeys, you’re likely to use one with more advanced materials and engineering, such as a LITH-TECH Smart Chair 1.

Despite their agile and durable design, breakdowns and general wearing can still happen, and parts will need replacing. That’s why keeping electric wheelchair spares or replacements nearby is advantageous, because it can limit disruption to your life.

You may need replacements for the following parts:

Tyres – If your wheelchair tyres don’t have puncture resistance, and they suddenly burst, then having a spare or replacement can help you get your electric wheelchair back in use. Without a backup tyre, your mobility will be restricted and using your electric wheelchair on punctured tyres will cause further damage. For this reason, LITH-TECH only offer solid and puncture proof tyres on our models.

Headrests or support – If your mobility device is customised to provide additional postural support, then having additional cushions or rests to hand will be critical to ensure the user is always comfortable.

Batteries – Most importantly, spare batteries will offer extended ranges when it matters most. If your wheelchair runs out of charge, having spare batteries to hand will help ensure your mobility isn’t compromised. Some chairs like our Smart Chair X can even run simultaneously on three batteries giving extra range.

What electric wheelchair spare parts should I have?

If you rely on an electric wheelchair, the most necessary wheelchair spare would be backup batteries. Your spare battery will ensure that, if your primary battery pack fails or runs out, then your wheelchair can still be used. Fortunately, all LITH-TECH chairs come with two batteries as standard, giving you more range and a backup if one fails.

When considering replacements or spares, it’s advisable to buy direct from the supplier. For example, LITH-TECH stock a range of accessories and spare parts. Make sure that the new parts you’re purchasing are compatible with your existing make and model. If you are unsure, then always ask.

Can you replace wheels on a wheelchair?

Your electric wheelchair wheels may need replacing, because continuous use or worn tyres could lead to long term damage. When your tyres aren’t optimal, then you may even notice your wheelchair underperforming, or operating inefficiently.

Fortunately, replacing a wheel and tyre on an electric wheelchair is quite easy. Also always look for puncture proof tyres. This will stop you from getting stranded with a tyre.

Get help with wheelchair spares and replacements

Keeping your electric wheelchair operational and efficient means foreseeing where things could go wrong. Travelling with spares and replacements could be the difference between getting stuck or keeping your wheelchair moving if a part fails or wears down. Explore our top wheelchair accessories for tips or get in touch for professional advice.

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