The Seven Most Helpful Wheelchair Accessories

By Published On: 28 July 2021

Whether they’re in use almost all day, or just for an hour here and there, it’s important to make your electric wheelchair as comfortable and convenient as possible. Those with limited mobility will hugely benefit from a few minor additions to make life just that little bit easier, whether it’s additional storage to transport shopping or personal effects, or practical ‘just in case’ accessories, like a spare battery. We take a closer look at some of LITH-TECH’s most helpful wheelchair accessories that every wheelchair user should consider adding to their arsenal.

1. A Spare Battery

A spare battery is perhaps the most obvious helpful wheelchair accessory to own, and yet it’s one that is often overlooked until it’s too late. An investment in a spare battery is a good idea so that you can use your chair with confidence, knowing that you have a backup source of power should anything go wrong.  They’re relatively small in size, so a spare battery can be kept in wheelchair storage at all times, or in a vehicle if access to one is available. See the LITH-TECH range of Lithium batteries, which are praised for offering long range:

wheelchair battery

2. A Headrest

A wheelchair headrest can make all the difference where comfort is concerned. They’re usually straightforward to remove so can be added and taken away from the chair as needed. Depending on an individual’s preference, a headrest might be a helpful wheelchair accessory on a long journey while the chair is not in motion. This could be on a train or other mode of transport during which the user will not need to operate the chair. Wheelchair headrests are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials. At LITH-TECH, our headrest is compatible with most of our chairs, and suits heights of between 5 and 6 foot 3 inches.

wheelchair headrest

3. Car Ramps

For wheelchair users who also have access to a car, whether they are able to drive or not, car ramps are a very helpful wheelchair accessory. LITH-TECH’s telescopic car ramps fold up neatly to fit in the boot of the car, ready for whenever they might be needed. This may not only be for use getting a wheelchair in and out of a vehicle, but also for use in other scenarios like navigating steps or pathways where there is no wheelchair-friendly option. This could be anywhere from a friend’s house to a restaurant or another public venue. Get more advice on travelling by car as a wheelchair user.

wheelchair ramps

4. Wheelchair storage

One of the best wheelchair accessories without a doubt is additional storage. Instead of carrying personal effects like a wallet or purse, phone, and other items in pockets – which can be tricky to access once sat in a wheelchair – invest in some helpful wheelchair storage. Our detachable bag is ideal for holding not only items like these but also spare wheelchair batteries or grocery shopping.

wheelchair bag

5. A torch or front light

For those who are out and about in their wheelchair at any given time, it might be wise to invest in a torch or front light. These are an invaluable safety feature if you’ll be using your chair in low-lit areas, or on public roads or walkways when it’s either dark or foggy. LITH-TECH’s detachable light can conveniently clip or clamp onto your chair and be removed when not needed.

wheelchair light

6. A drinks holder

The humble drinks holder could not be neglected from a list of the most helpful wheelchair accessories. When using a wheelchair out and about it can be extremely useful to have a cup holder attached, that can be used for bottles of water, cans, flasks or that all-important coffee shop coffee! Take your time with your favourite latte or cappuccino knowing you have a helpful spot in which to store it while your chair is in motion. A relatively inexpensive buy, a simple drinks holder can quickly become your favourite wheelchair accessory.

wheelchair cup holder

7. The LITH-TECH Carer Assist Pack

Our carer assist pack is a real game-changer. It enables the user of the electric wheelchair to have the option of having independent control of the chair or allowing a carer to take over. The carer assist pack clips onto the rear headrest, and the cable can be attached to allow joystick control to be in the joystick on the armrest, or on the back of the chair for the carer to use. This is ideal for anyone who sometimes requires assistance while in motion in an electric wheelchair.

wheelchair carer assist pack

Making your wheelchair as comfortable and convenient as possible is imperative if you regularly rely on it for mobility. With the help of a few quality wheelchair accessories, it’s possible to enhance your experience and ensure that everything you may need is in close proximity, from your phone and purse to your morning coffee! Browse our whole range to find the most helpful wheelchair accessories to suit your needs.

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