Simply fold the chair and push it straight into your car boot.

You can even drive straight up the ramps either in its 2.5ft form or when its extended to 5ft. So great for using round friends houses for disability access.



Incredibly light weight and small folding portable ramps – To be kept in your car boot.

Simply take the ramps out of their travel case they come in, telescopically unfold them and simply push your wheelchair straight into the boat of your car with zero effort whilst your chair is in a folded position.

Can also hold upto 65 stone in a 2.5ft of 5ft mode, meaning you can drive straight up them with your wheelchairs. Wether it be going for a family day out to a pub which doesn’t have disability access and has a couple of steps or if you use them to get into yours or your partners house etc

They come in a travel bag, and each weigh 2.5kg, literally nothing