Introducing our BRAND-NEW electric folding wheelchair – the LITH-TECH CARBON EDITION!

By Published On: 16 September 2020

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss our latest brand-new model and give you more of an insight into this chair, the LITH-TECH CARBON EDITION.

You probably have never seen a wheelchair made from carbon fibre before, that is because LITH-TECH is the first company to introduce a carbon folding electric wheelchair into the UK market and in turn this makes this chair the WORLD’S LIGHTEST everyday electric folding wheelchair ever created.

There are many benefits of making such a product out of carbon fibre and this material has been used to make many other products who’s purpose is to be strong and light – such as bicycles, cars, helmets, golf clubs… and so on… therefore why not wheelchairs too!  It gives a brand-new modern look to a wheelchair that has never been seen before with its distinctive carbon fibre “pattern” and colour, making the design sleek and attractive to all users. 

The main purpose for using carbon fibre however, is because of its 2 key properties – it is both LIGHTWEIGHT and STRONG. With this in mind, the LITH-TECH CARBON EDITION is the lightest folding electric wheelchair in the world, weighing only 17kg without batteries and only 19.5kg with batteries, but can withstand a user weight of up to 25 stone (160kg)!

Keeping in line with the rest of LITH-TECH’s range, the LITH-TECH CARBON EDITION is highly practical and easy to use every day in all conditions.  It can manage different terrains and can easily go over potholes or up / down curbs. It folds up small (610mm x 380mm x 750mm) in less than 2 seconds and can be put into a boot of even quite small cars.

We are obsessed with this wheelchair.  Something that is normally thought of as a big, bulky, unattractive item has been reinvented with the LITH-TECH CARBON EDITION design being modern, light, and inclusive of the practical qualities that all the other LITH-TECH folding electric wheelchairs have.  This is a revolution for wheelchairs and breaks all the rules which will no doubt change the perception of the everyday wheelchair along with improving many peoples lives in the future.

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