By Published On: 21 September 2020

Today’s blog will introduce you to our latest model in our iconic SMART CHAIR range – LITH-TECH SMART CHAIR X XL. This small blog post will provide you with more of an insight into the chair, its capabilities and who it will be ideal for.

The SMART CHAIR X is our best seller and our LITH-TECH flagship model, created through our own experiences of what makes a good chair but also listening to our customers, understanding their needs and using the best components and parts on top of the best technologies.

The LITH-TECH SMART CHAIR X XL which is exactly the same chair as the X with all the same incredible practicalities and properties, has been strengthened and adapted to now suit the larger individual by having a wider space between the armrests (52cm instead of 45cm).  This chair not only looks fantastic but also performs phenomenally, literally making it best in class.

The X in the name stands for X-Country or X-Treme because it is the best chair on the market for tackling multi terrains and uneven surfaces, and actually has the highest ground clearance of any chair on the market – period!

The SC-X XL has two quick release lithium batteries, 1x 10ah battery for longer range and 1x 6ah battery, so it is handy for an individual wanting to take a wheelchair anywhere around the world as its legal on every airline in the whole world..

We are really excited to introduce the exclusive LITH-TECH X XL to our customers because we can now offer our bestselling chair to all individuals and it means that we continue to hold the best range of product and electric folding wheelchairs to suit everyone, keeping LITH-TECH as the industry leading brand.  The LITH-TECH X XL hits the UK market at the end of the month (September) and you are able to place a pre order on our website to ensure you don’t miss out on this amazing chair.

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