LITH-TECH are introducing something very special and unique to our website and various platforms. We are excited to announce a new partnership (although this one is very different from what we currently have in place). So starting from later tonight as well as our own blog posts which will continue to go out frequently we also now have a very talented blogger who we will be working with who is actually a LITH-TECH customer herself and will be running an ongoing series all based around her personal experience with the brand, ownership of her chair (LITH-TECH SC-1 XL), and pretty much a running commentery of a day in the life of a LITH-TECH Wheelchair user – Their struggles, challenges, how the chair may help them day by day and we will even go into the things that she struggles with involving her chair as we want this to be a completely fare and realistic user account of their experiences. As lets face it, although the SMART CHAIR 1 XL is still the UK’ best selling chair for the slightly larger individual, no chair on the market will be perfect and satisfy every users expectation and all accounts whether positive or negative will without a doubt help future buyers decide whether that chair or our company/brand is right for them.