By Published On: 20 February 2020

2) Never buy a wheelchair from your local mobility shop.

A wheelchair is a big purchase, and not only that it’s an incredibly important one. A purchase that if made correctly will change your life and give you back your freedom.

The most important thing with any major purchase, whether it be a car, house or a piece of mobility equipment is to do your research. There is a lot of choice out there now, there is also a lot of rubbish! In fact I would say 75% of what’s out there is complete rubbish, so it is imperative you do your research, search the internet, watch the videos, look at the different specs on offer and most importantly ask lots of questions before you buy. This is the most important part because not every Electric Folding Wheelchair will be right for you or for your particular disability.     

This is why you need to find a specialist who has a range of Electric Folding Chairs that suit an array of different needs, so you can be properly assest and properly fitted.

There are three major issues with buying from your local mobility shop.

  1. They will more than likely only stock one model of chair, (normally a Pride Igo) literally the worst chair on the market. Because they only stock one model they will literally try and push that one chair to anyone who walks through their doors who’s looking for a folding wheelchair whether it’s right for them or their disability or not.
  2. Worse still because they are a local mobility shop you will always pay at least 20% more for the chair than you should and unless you’ve done your research you would never know.
  3. Your local mobility shop will stock an array of different mobility products, meaning they will never be an expert or specialist in any one thing. They will have limited knowledge of Folding Electric Wheelchairs and won’t be able to tell you about modern mobility or the new regulations because the owners will be old school and it’s not a priority for them to know and learn the latest and greatest trends or technologies and about all the new regulations. A good example is that most mobility shops do not realise or even care about the new battery rules for flying and will happily sell you a wheelchair that is not approved under the new laws, and what’s worse is most of them are so uneducated that they don’t even know they are conning or misleading you into purchasing a product that isn’t fit for purpose.
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