Timeline of the wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs overtime

By Published On: 6 January 2020


Timeline of the wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs overtime

The first wheelchair that was invented was the Bath wheelchair in 1783. This was made by someone called John Dawson, it outsold all other wheelchairs throughout the first part of 19thcentury. However, the wheelchair was very uncomfortable and in the later years of the 19thcentury many improvements had to be made to the chair. The first patent for the wheelchair came about in 1869! 

In 1900 the first spoked wheels were used on wheelchairs.

In 1916 the first motorised wheelchair was used in London.

In 1932 the first folding wheelchair was then made.

As you can see there is a trend of the wheelchair market becoming bigger and also now making sure the comfort and reliability was introduced especially when the folding wheelchair came in. This then meant that the chairs could fit into a smaller space. 

Our company Lith-Tech this is short for lithium technology this is how our chairs are operated through state-of-the-art lightweight lithium batteries. Our chairs are fully foldable and are very nifty and lightweight.  The wheelchair is also used now in sports events. This is what some of our clients have brought from us enabling them to be able to play these sports such as wheelchair football and basketball. This is especially very rewarding for us as a company meaning we are able to help people who are in need and give them there independence back. This is part of the reason why we set up the company as we found a need for the products we sell. 

 The electric power chair was invented by someone called George Klein, he invented the chairs to help veterans who had fought in world war two, these however were built with very chunky wheels which weren’t very good at turning. Lith-Tech have some of the best wheels and motors on the market and this is something we pride ourselves on as this gives our chairs the smallest turning circle whilst provide multi terrain use at the same time

Also, over time the battery sizing has gone down with batteries like ours weighing very little compared to the lead acid batteries which were about in the 90’s and early 2000’s.. 

Lastly Lith-Tech are going with the trends in the market and are pioneers in our field being the third largest online company within our space. We are still growing and looking to introduce new chairs into the market all the time to expand our growing range and to keep offering customers a good choice for all their different disabilities. 

Our next chair we bring our will be carbon fibre which we believe may well be the future of Folding Electric Wheelchairs

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