By Published On: 19 December 2019


Branching Out As a Company

What we are about to talk about is something that LITH-TECH were always going to roll out at some point but only when we felt the time was right and also only at a point that we were happy enough with our online presence and sales (which is our brands major focus point and business model). Until that day we were happy just to simply hold back and continue to do what we do best and continue to grow insanely fast as an online brand and predominantly focus on our chosen goal of becoming the best online electric folding wheelchair company in the UK and not only that but the biggest and best known brand as well. 

(Our huge online dominance as a brand in itself has happened much quicker then we ever expected, especially this year making us the fastest growing company in the mobility sector right now) over the last two years we’ve achieved between 200% and then 400% rise in sales year upon year. 2019 especially has seen such crazy growth, where LITH-TECH will end the year literally knocking at the door of a 7 figure business which we will easily achieve in 2020, This is all in under three years of trading… (This is all achieved with just a range of only 6-7 well thought out Electric Folding Wheelchairs, which cater to different customer needs and ultimately help them to regain their freedom and achieve life changing results) 

In the last 4 months we’ve had every major online mobility company contact us and ask to stock some of our folding electric wheelchairs. At first this all sounded quite exciting, so we took a few of these meetings at these companies head offices just to see what they had in mind in regards to a partnership and at the same time we thought it would be good for us as a younger company to see what our competitors were doing and how they ran their own businesses and maybe learn something in the process.

Annoyingly we very quickly realised that these big online mobility companies needed us way more than we needed them and that when it came down to the numbers the proposed profit split they had in mind just took the mick and wasn’t worth our time. As exciting as it sounded, once we took a step back we realised In the end of the day these big companies were just online businesses doing exactly the same as us, the only difference from them to us is we are a niche/specialist in what we do where as they are more general. 

LITH-TECH as a company already has a big online presence with 85% of our sales coming directly through our website. We also always make sure that we appear on page one of Google when it comes to people searching for us, and not only that we also make sure we are in the top three companies people see on page one. 

After our big meetings we took a step back and thought, what’s the point in online companies stocking our chairs when the audience looking online are more than likely to just come to us directly anyway. We already know that we have the best range of chairs in the UK at the best prices, we also make our website crystal clear: With detailed pictures, Product Descriptions, Key Features, Videos, Spec Sheets, Comparison Charts and pages and pages of real life customer testimonials. We actually always get compliments on how clear our website is compared to our competitors which just confuse them. 

At this point we’ve done all we can as an online business, and its now down to the customer at how good they are at sifting through the rest of the internet – Google, eBay and Amazon and hopefully not being blind sided by cheap rubbish which promises the world and which isn’t even backed by an actual/real Uk company to even guarantee the product. We can only hope that the people viewing our website and our products have made a short list or notes and end up coming back to us.  (True Story) Almost every customer that phones into our office starts their conversation with “I’ve been looking and researching the market for ages now and I always end up coming back to your website and your wheelchairs that you offer as they seem to be the best on the market”.

So with 2020 coming up, we certainly expect another busy year of growth, sales and more happy customers. Hopefully this coming year we can continue to grow as a company and continue becoming the UK’s most recognised Folding Electric Wheelchair Brand.

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