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In this blog post we will be writing about the various things we currently have going on and also things that we have in the pipeline, which will be implemented in the New Year. 

Web chat 

This is a new feature we’ve added to the website to help those who want to contact us directly in real time whilst they are on the website looking at our different chair options. This is also a very good tool to use for people who are a little hard of hearing or that have a nervous disposition and don’t like using the telephone. Having web chat is also a good way of diversifying how we can reach and serve our customers meaning we always achieve the highest levels of customer service physically possible.


We will also be focusing much more on all different types of marketing going into the New Year. Our main calls to action will be firstly trying to build a big YouTube presence as we realise how beneficial it is for our particular audience to see things visually. With this in mind we will be redoing all our videos on each chair plus adding much more video content on a weekly basis, not only about our products but also about us as a company and about the industry as a whole. 

We will also be paying more attention to social media and regular bog posts which will be a mixture of customer experiences and pictures and with what’s going on with our company, offers we have on and the industry.

Marketing Continued – Offers to benefit our customers

Currently every LITH-TECH customer who purchases one of our wheelchairs automatically receives our main promotion offer. You will get this offer in your welcome pack when the chair is delivered to you. The offer consists of unlimited free money deposited directly into your bank account for every new customer that converts that you put LITH-TECH’s way to a value of £50 per referral (with no commission cap limit) we currently have customers that have already made over £500 in referral fees to date and they are not stopping there (trust me). Most customers on average make back around £200 in referral fees just by simply getting stopped in the street when they are out and about by admirers currently in the market for a chair.

From Jan 2020, we are offering a new incentive on top of our current referral programme.  This is to entice customers to not just leave us email reviews for us to post on our website testimonial page but instead leave something that is way more important for us as a business moving forward, and that’s to try and get all future customer reviews as well as our past happy & satisfied customer reviews directly onto platforms like Facebook and Google which receive many more views than our website does, meaning LITH-TECH can reach a much bigger audience.

We have just invested into some new software which, will email every new customer after five days from the point of sale asking them how they are getting on with or products, it will also leave two links below for you to click on which will take you straight to our LITH-TECH Google Business page and also to our Facebook like and review page for you to leave a rating and comment based on our product, customer service, advice and industry leading delivery time we offered you. 

Starting from Jan 2020 we really want to go out of our way to push the brand and to also get the recognition we deserve considering the amount of Electric Folding Wheelchairs we sell. (The problem is our target audience isn’t very computer or tech savvy in general so sadly we miss out on a lot of reviews)

 If any past, present or brand new customer leaves us both a review on our LITH-TECH like Facebook page and also our LITH-TECH Google Business Page they will straight away be send a £10 gift voucher from one of the UK’s favourite High Street Store such as M&S. This is our way of thanking you for taking just five minutes out of your day to write us a review to show your appreciation (simply write it just one time using Microsoft word or notes and then copy and paste the same review into both Google and Facebook so you don’t have to write it twice) please call 01252 214052 if you are unsure what to do. Also If any past customers do this before 2020, you will still get the £10 voucher we promise.

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