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Advantages of coming to us for a demonstration!

We would urge you to try and come in to see us, even if it means asking a friend or a family member to give you a lift in. There are so many advantages of coming in for a demonstration, these include; 

Firstly and most importantly a tailor made consultation. We would ask you set of questions to find out more about your living circumstances, what you like to do in your free time, the places you like to go, what type of property you live in and how the chair would help you in that environment, once we have had a chat we would recommend what chairs would suit you best and the show them to you for you to try.

Coming to see us also means seeing something first hand and trying it out to see if it suits you before buying it. Have no fear though as if you can’t make it in to us we can just have a telephone consultation instead, this is actually how we sell about 80% of our chairs.

So this is the order of how an in house demonstration would go.

1)    Consultation and establishing the users needs.

2)    We would demo the chair for you, talking you through all the parts and what they do, go through the folding and unfolding with you. Showing you how the chairs operate in electric and free wheel mode. We would show you the three different ways of getting into the chairs, also how the arm rests are raised and dropped for getting under tables and access in and out of the chair. We would then show you how to attach the joysticks and go through the buttons with you. Lastly we would sit in the chair and show you how the chairs spin on their own axis and how the electromagnetic brakes work by simply taking your hand off the joystick.

3)    Now we would pass the chair over to you, work out the best way for you to get into the chair and run though the controls again.

4)    Once you are comfortable manoeuvring the chair inside our offices we will suggest you take it outside and we will take you through real world scenarios.

5)    What we are now trying to achieve at this stage is getting your confidence up so that when you are using the chair on your own you would have already tackled all of these scenarios whilst being supervised by ourselves.


7)     We will also go through, stopping (on flat, or hills) user safety and also show you and your family the tricks of the trade in how to get your chair into a car boot the easiest way.

8)    Once you are completely comfortable, you can choose whether the chair is suitable for you, pay for it in house, fill to quick forms and take it home with you the same day.

LITH-TECH our brand is short for lithium technology. We are a key player within this new mobility revolution of mobility on the go. By coming in to see our wheelchairs and batteries you will be able to see first hand the quality of our products compared to other brands on the market. What our chairs are capable of compared to others out there is literally night and day and we often have customers surprised at how different our chairs perform to others they have tried.

Also if you deal with us directly you get to meet us in person and see the faces behind the company and who you have been speaking to on the phone. When dealing with us directly you can see that we truly care about our customers and with finding them the perfect chair for them. 

Through our products, customer service and unrivalled aftercare is the main reason we have grown so quickly and why we are now the 3rdlargest Electric Folding Wheelchair Brand in the UK.

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