By Published On: 5 December 2019


LITH-TECH Mobility are a leading UK brand. We only sell the very best products to our customers and we equally only partner with the very best in the industry to help add to our customer experience.

Our two partners are Autochair the UK’s leading hoist and lift company and FISH Insurance who are the best in the field as well.

Auto chair

Autochair was started back in 1983. The company has since been trading for the past thirty-six years. They won the Motability supplier award in 2012. 

The main reason why LITH-TECH chose to partner with auto-chair is because they are a well-established and trusted company in the mobility sector and market leaders. 

“Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and when engineer David Walker was paralysed in an accident in 1975, he wanted to find a way to get to work without having to rely on someone else to load and unload his wheelchair from the boot of his car”

Being a partner with auto-chair means all our chairs are compatible with an auto-chair hoist. The hoist is one of the first products auto-chair established back in the 80’s. 

They also offer other pieces of equipment for aiding you into getting in and out of the car;

 hand controls, driving aids, left foot accelerators and steering aids. 

Product range- 

– Smart lifter 

– Smart transfer

Smart lifter hoist this enables the chair to be put into the car with ease and with very little stress on the user’s joints. They are very easy to use and very compact which enables space in the back of the car. 

The Smarter Transfer is a person lift that helps individual get in and out of the car. Its simple to use, and will help to get you out and about and maintain your freedom.

Fish mobility insurance 

Fish Mobility Insurance are the best at what they do in the industry, they are comprehensive and very well priced. You can pay for your policies outright or monthly. They have been around for 40 years and have over 80,000 UK Policies. 

A typical policy covers;

Third Party Liability, Loss or stolen, damaged, Personal Accident, Personal Effects and even breakdown and replacement parts.  

There’re different brackets of what cover you can get these are, LITE, standard and extra. With the lite insurance it includes everything that the other polices offer just not breakdown cover. 

Fish also offer other insurance’s such as car, home, travel and funeral costs. 

A huge plus point to Fish is they are very reasonably priced and also offer paying in full or monthly, with monthly payments on average to be between £6-£8 a month. Having mobility insurance will help to put your mind at ease when going around in one of our wheelchairs and also give you the peace of mind that fish are on hand to help you out as well as us. 

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