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Telescopic ramps

These ramps really are a game changer as they allow you to purchase a more substantial and more capable chair and still easily get it into your car.

These ramps are telescopic and adjustable from 2.5FT all the way through to 5FT. They are incredibly light weight and weigh only 5kg in the travel bag and can take up to 65 stone in total load, so not only can you push the chair up the ramps ad straight into the back of your car but you can also ride your wheelchair directly up the ramps which makes it great for accessing places like pub gardens or friends houses who have not got wheelchair access.

The ramps are not only practical in what they can do they also offer huge health benefits as you now don’t have to over exert yourself or cripple your back by lifting them.

Leg extensions 

This is great for people that need their leg elevated or they have a broken leg it helps with recovery.  They can be adjusted to different leg heights or it can swing away from the actual footrest so you can relax and put your leg up. The chairs it fits are the 

1. multi chair 1

2. smart chair 1

3. smart chair 1 xL

Wheelchair travel bag 

The travel bag protects the chair when travelling whether you are going by train, coach or most likely aeroplane.

The bag simply slots over the chair and fits like a glove around the chair helping to prevent bumps and scrapes and more importantly being dragged around by airline staff who don’t know how to correctly lift or maneuverer the chairs.

With the way this travel bag slots over the chair, it allows the chairs wheels to run freely meaning your chair can be towed behind you just like a suitcase making life nice and easy.

Spare batteries 

This is allowing you to have a bigger range and enables you to travel longer with no worry of ever running out of battery. Also means you can have a spare battery charging in your hotel room or in your home whilst you have full use of your chair and both batteries it comes with.

Carer assist pack

This is enables someone else other than the sole user of the chair to be able to control it from the back of the chair. This is especially good for people who aren’t as mobile and need assistance.

Head Rest

This enables customers who need their head supported to have a more comfortable ride and also being able to rest their head is important as this gives them a feeling of security and also to relax and even fall asleep if they need to. 

Drinks holder 

For those of you constantly on the go it allows you to attach the holder to anywhere on your chair allowing you the freedom to have a nice beverage out and about. 

Detachable Travel Bag

This attaches to the back of your chair for days out or when going shopping. Just gives you an affordable way of carrying more on a small and nimble devise.

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  1. Niki Naylor 16 June 2020 at 17:38

    Hi Toby, I’m Niki Naylor and I live in yateley I have had two of your wheelchairs and loved them both. What I wanted to know is one how much the drink holders are and two do you still do the scooters and how far do they go on a charge. Thanks Toby

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