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BLOG POST NO 2.  Brand Ethos and a quick dive into our Range

So if LITH-TECH had a tag line, it would be;

Light Weight Electric Folding Wheelchairs that only use Lithium Batteries that you can take anywhere with you.

The whole point of the LITH-TECH brand is to give people back their freedom or to help them stay as self sufficient for as long as possible.

For them to be able to do that there are a few things that our chairs must be able to do. 

  1. Must be simple to fold and unfold.
  2. Must be lightweight enough for our customers to use by themselves.
  3. And they must be able to take them anywhere with them.

A great selling point of our products is that all of our models are transport friendly across the board under the new rules (except the SC-2, but only when it comes to flying as the battery is too powerful).

So here’s a quick look into our LITH-TECH range and we will also give you an insight into why a person would buy a certain chair or why one would be better than the other for an individual.

SMART CHAIR RANGE – Consists of SC-1, SC-1 XL, SC-2 and SC-X


Our Smart Chair X is our latest chair to be added to our already very well known and successful range. It replaced our very popular SC-3 as our go to Multi Terrain Chair. The X has got the highest ground Clearance of any Electric Folding Wheelchair in the World. It also has big front and back tyres making it great at rough terrain, curbs and more rural settings. It is also incredibly stable and safe making it a great choice for almost anyone.

The type of individuals who would benefit the most from this chair are either city goers where the roads are bad with things like cobbles or curbs or the outdoorsy types, so people with dogs or young families that need to tackle parks, tracks or fields (as long is its not muddy) or rougher and uneven terrain types.


Our LITH-TECH Smart Chair 1 is our go to chair for most disabilities.

This was our first chair we brought to market and is the chair we have sold the most of by a long way. It’s the type of chair, which is a great all rounder and does everything very well and suits absolutely anyone.

Its also a great chair for traveling as it has a very sleek design and folds up nice and small, it also has very powerful 6ah batteries which are plane safe on every airline in the world under the new battery rules making it very popular with our customers. 

The Smart Chair 1 XL, is just the SC-1 but with slightly more space on the cushion and more space between the armrests to accommodate a larger individual. (48cm-53cm) difference. Both chairs can hold upto 28 Stone or 180kg making it the strongest folding wheelchair on the market.


Our Smart Chair 2 was our first chair we brought out along with the SC-1.

It is a hugely popular chair and is such great value. 

Its best features are it’s off road capabilities, its incredibly stable and great over rough terrain and curbs and things. This chair has the second highest ground clearance of any chair in our range after the SC-X.

The sort of person who would buy this is chair is literally anyone who wants a very capable folding chair but who doesn’t need to fly with it as the 20ah battery is too powerful under the new rules for most airlines.


Our MC-1 is basically the baby brother of the SC-1, its slightly lighter and slightly narrower than the Smart Chair 1.

It really comes into its own around homes, shopping centres and traveling.

It comes equipped with 2 very powerful 6ah battery’s which are plane safe on every airline in the world, which can be removed and charged directly into. This chair can also operate on just one battery in the frame, which means you can have one on charge and still have full use of the chair.

This chair suits most people, but if you are a larger individual you will find it too small and narrow.


As the name suggests this is our smallest chair in our range. It is actually the world’s most compact electric folding wheelchair. It weighs only 18.5kg without battery’s and 20.5kg with making it an incredibly easy chair to lift directly into a cars boot without needing to use ramps or a hoist.

It can be folded and unfolded easily, and can still tackle most terrains.

This chair really comes into its own when being used for day trips, for shopping centres and general travelling as it’s so small. It is also excellent around the house as its turning circle is unrivalled and over all length small making manoeuvring very easy for literally any ability. 

This chair does have it’s compromises though like they all do, due to its small size and wheels its not as good on curbs or very rough terrain and large or tall individuals will find this chair too small, but a lot of customers will find the Compact a complete game changer.

Anyway, that will be all for now.

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  1. Martyn Fox MBE 27 November 2019 at 09:46

    Very impressed with your help over the phone last night and prompt remedy. Thank you. We will recommend you to other disabled people.

    • toby st george 23 January 2020 at 12:15

      No problem at all, was our pleasure to assist you.

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