The replacement battery for the LITH-TECH Compact electric wheelchair provides maximum ease of use through its multiple features. The LITH-TECH Compact replacement battery has two battery charging points, one on the chair through the joystick, and the other off the chair through the battery port.

Offering a battery range of up to 15 miles, this battery will keep you going on short and longer journeys. And, if you’re travelling even further afield, the LITH-TECH Compact battery is plane-safe on every airline across the globe (2 x batteries).


Suitable for: LITH-TECH Compact Electric Wheelchair
Charging Time: 6-8hrs
Range: 14 miles when both batteries are used
Price: £220 per battery
Weight: 1.1kg per battery
Battery power: 6Ah X 24v (2x batteries)
Lifespan: 3-4 years or approximately 800-1000 charges




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