Choosing between an electric wheelchair or a mobility scooter may seem like a difficult choice, because on the surface they can seem very similar.

However, an electric power wheelchair has very different uses and would suit different users, depending on their lifestyle and needs.

Read on to find out more and why we think electric wheelchairs offer users the optimum experience.

1. Folding Electric Wheelchairs are much more capable than equivalent weight mobility scooter

One of the main advantages of a folding electric wheelchair – specifically LITH-TECH’s Smart Chair ranges, including the Smart Chair X model – is that pound for pound they are lighter than mobility scooters. This is especially the case when you consider their capabilities and build quality.

Our brand name, LITH-TECH, is short for lithium technology, because we use lithium-ion batteries in our electric wheelchair ranges. These batteries are much lighter than the bigger, bulky lead acid batteries, which are commonly used in mobility scooters. The batteries used in our chairs are also plane-safe, and offer optimal charge, meaning they’ll run for longer. These factors should reduce worries over range anxiety, especially during travel.

The weight of the equipment is an important factor to consider, especially if you’re new to this way of getting around. It can be more challenging to transport a mobility scooter over a light electric wheelchair.

2. Electric Wheelchairs have a smaller turning circle

Another popular benefit of electric wheelchairs is that they have a much smaller turning circle than scooters. This makes them more suitable for small, tight, or awkward spaces such as in shops or around the house. This can be quite reassuring for a user when you travel to new locations, as navigating a smaller or tighter environment or setting in a bulky mobility scooter can seem daunting if you don’t know how much room you’ll have to play with.

At LITH-TECH, all the Smart Chairs we offer are able to spin on their own axis, which makes them extremely manoeuvrable in just about any environment. Again, this should fill you with confidence if you’ll be using the electric wheelchair somewhere new.

3. Electric Wheelchairs are much more practical

Electric wheelchairs are generally smaller and less bulky than mobility scooters, which makes them easier to fit into the boot of a car or take as luggage onto public transport. The folding electric wheelchairs are also a lot easier to set up than mobility scooters. You simply need to unfold the wheelchair and attach a joystick, whereas with a scooter you need to connect two parts together, and then add the seat and battery.

Being able to travel with your mobility device is an important aspect to consider when deciding between a wheelchair or a scooter. If you are someone who likes to holiday or spend weekends away, it will be greatly beneficial to know that your electric wheelchair can be taken anywhere with you, even on a train, bus, or plane.

Electric wheelchair

4. Folding Electric Wheelchairs are safer and more stable than mobility scooters

At LITH-TECH, we use the best, most durable materials to manufacture our folding chairs. This means you can rely on your Smart Chair to stand the test of time and perform well across a variety of terrains. Whether you mostly use your chair on paved roads and paths, or you need it to travel across more difficult surfaces such as grass and sand, a LITH-TECH chair is up to the challenge.

Did you know that mobility scooters have a narrow wheelbase and can often even tip over completely?

5. Electric Wheelchairs have a better seating position

Most modern, electric folding wheelchairs have a sleeker and more stylish look than mobility scooters. Not only this but they are also more customisable according to individual needs. At LITH-TECH, our designs pay special attention to supporting user lifestyles by having inbuilt slots for accessories.

We offer accessories such as leg extensions and carer assist packs, and our new Smart Chair Recliner is ideal for those who require additional postural support. Unlike our electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters tend to be generically designed, and don’t take into consideration users’ unique conditions. Mobility scooters often force users to sit in unnatural positions and offer neutral seating, which can cause long term health conditions.

We use sporty-looking frames, alloy wheels, and well thought out graphics to make sure our wheelchairs look attractive and fresh. Where mobility scooters are often associated with older users, electric wheelchairs are user-friendly and smart looking, making them more popular among younger people.

6. Electric Wheelchairs are more customisable than scooters

Mobility scooters are considered by some to be less safe than folding electric chairs, because they are prone to tipping over. Thankfully, this is something that has never – and will never – happen with a LITH-TECH electric wheelchair because of their well-structured design.

Users may even find that mobility scooters are prone to breaking, because they tend to have a weaker build quality and are less stable than an electric wheelchair.

How LITH-TECH Can Help

Whether you prioritise ease of transport, appearance, manoeuvrability, or safety, it’s electric wheelchairs that have the most to offer when it comes to mobility choices. If you need guidance in choosing the most suitable model for your needs, take a look at our buyers guide for information about what kinds of things to consider.

Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with the team if you have further questions.