Wheelchair Travel Bag

Travel Bag for Your LITH-TECH Wheelchair

Durable and ideal for easy transport, this travel bag will protect your electric wheelchair when traveling either in a car, coach or by aeroplane.

This wheelchair travel bag fits easily around your mobility device so it can still be either towed or lifted. This is ideal for storing your wheelchair in cars, on a coach, or when it’s loaded as baggage on an airline. A wheelchair is most likely to sustain damage when it’s being towed, lifted, or loaded into a transport vehicle, so using a protective travel bag like this can help keep it safe wherever you go.

This wheelchair travel bag is suitable for :

*The wheelchair travel bag fits over the LITH-TECH COMPACT, although it may be loose fitting.


This travel bag is designed to offer ideal protection for electric wheelchairs, especially when they are being stowed or carried on transport vehicles or everyday cars. Importantly, this wheelchair travel bag is great for transporting your mobility device on an aeroplane. It even fits around the bag like a suitcase, making it easy to move between locations.

Key features and benefits of this wheelchair travel bag include:

  • Saves your wheelchair from being dragged or pulled, which will put unnecessary stress on the motors and wheels, causing failure and potential cosmetic damage.
  • Protects your wheelchair whilst it’s being stowed in  an aeroplane hold, preventing it from being scratched or damaged by  other items.
  • Makes it easier and safer to either lift or tow/ freewheel your wheelchair between places, so it doesn’t simply drag or get thrown around when it’s being handled or loaded into a transport vehicle.
  • The bag has vents for the wheels, so it can be easily towed behind you like a suitcase.
  • The material of the bag will also protects your wheelchair from being scratched whilst in an aeroplane hold.
  • This travel bag is compact so that it can be folded and stored in narrow places, including under a chair when it’s not in use.