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This is our upgraded LITH-TECH Smart Chair model for 2022

  • This lightweight and strong chair can take up to 160kg (25 stone) in user weight (larger individuals look at the XL version)
  • The Smart-Chair has small folding dimensions and only weighs 24kg without batteries and 27kg with 2 x 6ah batteries
  • New for 2022 is a contoured ergonomic 3 inch spongy cushion which is incredible comfortable
  • Market leading battery life, quick release batteries which are plane safe on every airline worldwide.
  • Electromagnetic braking for instant stopping even on inclines or declines.
  • Larger 8” Spongy Front Wheels and 12.5” wheels and grippy solid rubber tyres to absorb bumps, tackle curbs and handle multiple terrain types with ease.
  • Works with the LITH-TECH carer pack, leg extensions and a headrest



Product Specifications

Performance Indicators Items Parameters
Frame Material Aluminium Alloy
Size Folded Size
Open Size
L 630mm x W 355mm x H 820mm
L 985mm x W 630mm x H 930mm
Weight Max Load:
Product Weight (Exc. Batteries):
Product Weight (Inc. Batteries):
24 kg
27 kg
Riding Requirements Recommended Age Range
Road Legal
14-90 Years Old
Main Parameters Max Speed
Battery Endurance
Max Hill Climb
Suitable Terrain
Water Proof
Upto 16 miles
15 + degrees
Multi Terrain 
Light rain, but must cover the joystick
Motor Parameter Power (w) 2 x 250 Watt, Brushless Motor
Battery 2 batteries in wheelchair arm:
Charge Time (fully charged from flat):
24v 6AH x 2 piece
6-8 hours
Tyres Front Tyre
Rear Tyre
8 Inch PU Spongy Solid Tyre
12.5 Inch Solid Rubber Tyre
Seat Seat Width
Seat Depth
Seat Height
Space Between Armrests

Finance options are available

Please contact Lith-Tech for more information.

About the Chair

The LITH-TECH Smart Chair’s frame is made of an aluminium alloy, which means it’s not only strong but also light weight. It can hold a user weight of up to 25 stone/160kg. This new for 2021 Smart Chair comes with new battery technology that is totally wireless, and can be stored away into the frame, making it harder to steal. The two 6ah batteries are not only plane safe on every airline in the world but also come with off chair charging capabilities through a USB port situated in the end of the right hand side battery, which you can charge your phone with as well!

Battery Life

Our lithium batteries will last approximately four years, boast a range of upto 16 miles on a single charge and will take around 5-6 to fully charge from 10%. These batteries slot into the top of the frame safely and are slotted into the top of the side frame, and released by twisting a tab on the side of the frame. The batteries can either be charged through the joystick or off the chair into a port in the batteries directly.


Its dimensions are as follows:

  • Folded: 630mm x 350mm x 820mm
  • Unfolded: 985mm x 630mm x 930mm
  • Seat height: 50cm
  • Width between the armrest: 48cm

Storage and Moving the Chair Around

The chair is also perfect for those on the go and especially those that like to travel, whether it be by bus, train or plane. The chair folds and unfolds in just two seconds and the armrests came up and back so you can easily fit under a table for eating , drinking or even working. This feature also gives you many more options for getting in and out of the chair.

Who is the Chair For?

The LITH-TECH Smart Chair is for anyone that wants an intuitive, easy to use chair, with great outdoor capabilities. The Smart Chair is a multi-terrain chair designed to give the individual freedom in almost any situation. It has a good amount of space between the armrest but please call first so we can establish if you need this model or the XL version of this chair based on your height to weight ratio.

Extra Information

The LITH-TECH Smart Chair comes with a mains charger for charging into the joystick or you can charge directly into the battery itself. The wheelchair features a 360-degree adjustable joystick which makes even the tightest of spaces seem easy to navigate. The joystick also comes equipped with 5 different speed settings, a battery range indicator bar, and a horn. Another one of this chairs upgrades is that it now comes with our new style of contoured and ergonomic cushion which is incredibly comfortable. From 2022 the LITH-TECH Smart Chair  is now as standard equipped with upgraded larger spongy front wheels from our Smart Chair X to aid with improved handling, comfort and capabilities on rough terrain and curbs. (As shown in the final picture)

The chair comes with:

  • We offer 12 months warranty from the date of purchase.
  • All LITH-TECH chairs are dispatched the next business day through Express Courier Services.
  • You should receive your order in 2 days.
  • You will get insurance details in your welcome pack with the chair.



Black, Silver

Battery Combination

2 x 6ah Batteries


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