. This is our entry level Smartchair . Wireless carer assist controls as standard on this chair. . This chair can take upto 130kg in user weight . Comfortable cushion and Height adjustable backrest . Plane safe on every airline worldwide. . Electromagnetic braking for instant stopping even on inclines or declines. . Larger 12′ wheels and grippy solid tyres to absorb bumps, tackle curbs and handle multiple terrain types with ease.


Performance Indicators Items Parameters
Frame Material Aluminium Alloy
Size Folding Size (mm)
Open Size (mm)
630mm x 400mm x 760 mm
980mm x 630mm x 920mm
Weight Max Load (kg)
Product Weight (kg)
Product Weight (kg)
25.5 kg (excluding batteries)
28kg (including batteries)
Riding Requirements Age Range
Road Legal
Max Speed
Battery Endurance
16 -90 Years Old
12.45 Miles
Main Parameters Max Hill Climb
Suitable Terrain
Water Proof
16 Degrees
Multi terrain (but preferably hard ground)
Light terrain (but must cover joystick)
Motor Parameter Power (w) 250W x 2
Battery 1 Batteries in case 24v 12AH x 1 Pieces
Charging Time Fully Charged from flat 6-8hrs
Tyres Front Tyre
Rear Tyre
8 inch PU solid tyre
12 inch solid PU tyre
Seat Seat Width
Seat Depth
Seat Height
Space Between Armrests

About the Chair

The LITH-TECH Smart Chair 3 is our new entry level Smart Chair, designed to be a good all rounder for use as an everyday wheelchair.
The LITH-TECH Smart Chair 3’s frame is made of aluminium, which means is not only strong but also lightweight. It can support a user up to the weight of 130kg.
This Smart Chair 3 comes with a special new technology where an external and completely wireless controller can be paired with the joystick, so the chair can be operated by a carer or family member totally wirelessly from up to 10 metres away.

Battery Life

The Smart chair 3 comes with 1 x 12AH battery which can do around 12 miles on a single charge and falls inside the legal limit to be considered compliant on all aeroplanes.
This lithium battery will roughly last you about three years and will take around 5-6 hours to fully charge from a 90% drain.
This battery can either be charged through the joystick or off the chair into a port in the battery directly.

Practical Features

The SMART CHAIR 3 dimensions are as follows:
  • Folded: 630mm x 400mm x 760mm
  • Unfolded: 980mm x 630mm x 920mm
This electric wheelchair has a seat height of 50cm and a width between the armrest of 46cm.

Who is This Chair for?

The SMART CHAIR 3 is ideal for anyone that wants a diverse, easy to use electric wheelchair and that doesn’t want to spend a fortune.
This is also ideal for someone where it is important to be able to control the chair from behind using the wireless carer pack.
The smart chair 3 is a multi-terrain chair designed to give the individual freedom in almost any situation. It has a good amount of space between the armrest, but please call first so we can establish if you need to add spacers.

Extra Information

The LITH-TECH Smart Chair 3 comes with a mains charger. The wheelchair features a 360-degree adjustable joystick, which makes even the tightest of spaces seem easy to navigate. The joystick also comes equipped with 5 different speed settings, a battery range indicator bar, and a horn.

The SMART CHAIR 3 includes:

  • We offer 12 months warranty (from the date of purchase).
  • Next day postage. You should receive your order in 2 days.
  • All LITH-TECH chairs are sent out the next business day through Express Services.
  • You will get insurance details in your welcome back with the chair.


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