LITH-TECH Smart Chair 2


*One in a life time opportunity to get our Smart Chair 2 at an (INSANE DISCOUNT) We’ve doubled up our order by mistake so until we free space the SC-2 will be at £1500 not £1850 to reduce stock levels and warehouse space*


LITH-TECH is a UK brand specialising in lightweight, electric folding wheelchairs.

These are this chairs key selling points.

  • Exceptional over rough terrain, uneven surfaces or up and down curbs
  • Uses the same frame and front wheels as our best selling SC-X
  • Very Comfortable and Smooth Chair
  • Lightweight but strong for a chair you can use all day, every day
  • Excellent battery life and range
  • Oversized puncture proof tyres for added comfort and ride quality
  • Excellent all round chair with adjustable back rest height and footplate for different sized legs.
  • Electromagnetic Braking for instant stopping even on inclines or declines
  • Sporty and modern design and looks
  • Excellent price

£1,850.00 £1,500.00



The Smart Chair 2 is our entry level model into the iconic Smart Chair Range. It is also one of the very best multi terrain chairs on the market period.

The SC-2’s best attributes are that it has a very long battery life and that it has an incredibly smooth ride due to its larger, high impact special tyres which absorb bumps and uneven road surfaces giving the user the most comfortable experience possible.
Our wheelchair features a very strong but lightweight frame made of aerospace alloy, which makes it very hardwearing but also light enough to be able to pick up and move around.
The Smart Chair 2 lithium battery is quite light for a big battery and also very long lasting and boasts a duration of 18 miles per single charge, and has either an 1000 use or a 3-4 year life span depending on its use. The batteries best feature is it can be charged away from the chair and directly into the battery itself which can be very handy in some situations like going on holiday, especially if you like to leave your chair in the car. Also as far as lithium batteries go this battery is very cheap to replace compared to other models or brands.
My mission for the lith-tech brand was to make all of our wheelchairs not only have the most up to date technology but for them to also look much more modern, sleek and a cut above the rest and to try and make mobility products look cool and not like a typical disability product. So not only do you get functionality and reliability you also have style thrown into the mix.

Who Shouldn’t buy this chair.

The Smart Chair 2 is an amazing chair, but its not for everyone. Because of it powerful battery this chair is not permitted on airlines other than British airways.

This product has a max load weight of 130kg which is huge considering it only weighs 23.5kg without the battery and 26kg with, and can fold and unfold in just 2 seconds.
With small folding dimensions this chair will fit into even the smallest of car boots. The chairs joystick has variable speeds, a horn, battery indicator and so easy to use that the chair can turn on its own axis 360 degrees.
It’s great out and about and can handle most surfaces except for loose gravel and can even climb big hills and slopes very easily making it top of its class worldwide.
Our SC-2 also has folding arms so the chair fits easily under any table for eating, drinking and even under a desk for working and it makes it easier for getting into the chair from the side.  If you fold the chair with the joystick off and disengage the motors, you can then pull the chair behind you by the footplate like a suitcase instead of having to lift it around thew place or simple it toward by holding the legs.
So if you are looking for a modern, stylish, strong and functional electric folding chair, then look no further……I guarantee you won’t be disappointed (especially at this price point)
We offer a 12 month warranty on all our wheelchairs and all LITH-TECH products are sent out the next business day via tnt courier service

Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 96 × 58 × 93 cm

Black, Silver