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LITH-TECH is a UK brand specialising in lightweight, electric folding wheelchairs and these are the Multi Chair 1’s key selling points.  Top features:  

  • A Very Light overall weight for an everyday use chair
  • Very small folding dimensions
  • Plane-safe batteries with great range and lifespan 
  • Large rear wheel and soft rubber rear tyre to absorb bumps and give you extra comfort
  • Best-in-class brushless motors 
  • Electromagnetic braking for instant stopping even on inclines or declines
  • Armrests that fold completely back and out of the way


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Product Specification

Performance Indicators Items Parameters
Frame Material Aerospace Aluminium Alloy
Size Folded Size
Open Size
L 600mm x W 290mm x H 810mm
L 985mm x W 600mm x H 935mm
Weight Max Load:
Product Weight (Exc. Batteries):
Product Weight (Inc. Batteries):
Riding Requirements Recommended Age Range
Road Legal
14-90 Years Old
Pavements, Parks, Shopping Centres
Main Parameters Max Speed
Battery Endurance
Max Hill Climb
Suitable Terrain
Water Proof
0.5 – 4 MPH
Upto 16 miles
14 + degrees
Hard Ground including Grass
Can withstand light rain. Must cover the joystick
Motor Parameter Power (w) 180W x 2 Brushless Motors
Battery 2 batteries in wheelchair arm:
Charge Time (fully charged from flat):
24v 6AH x 2 piece
6-8 hours
Tyres Front Tyre
Rear Tyre
Puncture Proof Tyres:
8 inch PU solid tyre 
10-inch Rubber solid tyre
Seat Seat Width
Seat Depth
Seat Height
Space Between Armrests
Warranty Warranty Included: 12-month Warranty 

Finance options are available

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LITH-TECH is a UK brand specialising in lightweight, electric folding wheelchairs and these are the Multi Chair 1’s key selling points.

Top features:

  • Light overall weight 
  • Very small folding dimensions
  • Plane-safe batteries with great range and lifespan
  • Large wheel and soft tyres to absorb bumps and give you extra comfort
  • Best-in-class brushless motors
  • Electromagnetic braking for instant stopping even on inclines
  • Armrests that fold completely back and out of the way

About the Chair

If its name doesn’t give it away straight away, this electric wheelchair is designed to be the perfect all-rounder. Its simple but strong design and build mixed with its user-friendly features make it the perfect wheelchair to meet the needs of almost anyone looking for a diverse electric wheelchair.

The frame is made up of aluminium alloy, which makes it not only lightweight, but also very strong, and can withstand loads of up to 130kg, however heavier individuals should be looking at our Bigger Wheeled Multi Terrain options – (Smart Chair Range) one of the three XL models.

Battery Life

The lithium batteries on our Multi Chair 1 are neatly stored away in the side of the frames to not only keep this wheelchair looking sleek, but also user friendly and functional. Both batteries can either stay in the frame and be charged through the joystick, or be charged separately off the chair.

Our Multi Chair 1 charges in 6 hours and can go a industry-leading distance from 2 x 6ah batteries of upto 16 miles on just one single full charge.

Practical Features

Its dimensions are as follows:

Folded: 610mm x 290mm x 810mm

Unfolded: 985mm x 610mm x 935mm

The Multi Chair 1 has a seat width of 420mm which is just over the industry standard and has 480mm between the armrests.

Storage and Moving 

This chair is also great for traveling anywhere, it is extremely light for an everyday, all-day wheelchair and folds up in just a few seconds. It can easily fit in even the smallest of car boots. 

The batteries can be removed from the chair in seconds to not only make the chair lighter for lifting, but also for practicality, meaning you can store your chair in the garage or the car and just bring your batteries inside your home when you need to charge them.

Another important and practical feature of this chair is the arms. These  fold up and completely back out of the way so you can easily fit under a table for eating, drinking and even working. It also gives you more entry and exit options when getting in and out of the chair.

Who is this Chair for?

As an everyday electric wheelchair, this chair has been designed to be diverse for those wanting a good all-round electric wheelchair. It has been designed around the user with a sleek folding style, light weight frame, plane safe batteries, medium sized wheels and soft tyres for extra comfort. This wheelchair is designed to tackle daily life and enhance your mobility needs.

Extra Information

The LITH-TECH Multi Chair 1 has an easy-to-use, 360-degree adjustable joystick which makes the electric wheelchair move in any direction easily in even the tightest of spaces.

The joystick comes equipped with a horn for user safety, a battery life bar, speed bar and can be removed from the chair in seconds.

The LITH-TECH Multi Chair 1 comes with:

  • Mains charger, which plugs straight into the joystick, which then charges the chair as a whole unit (both batteries at once).
  • Extension lead, which you can add to the charger end that fits directly into the batteries themselves so they can be charged separately.
  • A welcome pack and user manual will also be supplied to you at the point of sale.

Extras that go with this chair to make your life easier:

  • The carer assist package  -£130 which gives you a rear bracket, fitting kit and another joystick which attaches to the top of the backrest of the chair to be controlled by a partner or carer.
  • Detachable Leg Rests (for broken legs or certain conditions) –£140 for the pair.
  • Adjustable headrest – £130
  • 5FT Folding wheelchair ramps for your car (so you can still buy our chairs even if you can’t lift them). Simply push it straight into your boot whilst the chair is folded – £145
  • Wheelchair Travel Bag, designed for portable protection for your chair and ideal for aeroplanes. , The bag enables you to carry or tow your wheelchair – £60


  1. Seconds folding and unfolding, easy for using on a plane, bus or train.
  2. Very lightweight, only 22kg and 25kg with batteries.
  3. Small volume after folding.
  4. Frame material: Light but strong – aluminium alloy.
  5. Industry Certifications: CE and FDA Approved, ISO9001 certified for quality management system by adhering to specific principles, ISO13485 certification which is the medical devices industry mark of safety and quality.
  6. High efficiency brushless hub motor.
  7. Bigger rear tyres, stronger durability.
  8. Fast, free UK delivery. All LITH-TECH products are dispatched the next business day and will be with you within 48 hours
  9. We offer a 12-month warranty on all our wheelchairs.
  10. You will be a purchasing an innovative product from the most modern, fastest growing mobility company in the UK

Dimensions 66 × 42 × 68 cm