LITH-TECH is a UK brand specialising in lightweight, electric folding wheelchairs and these are the LITH-TECH Compact’s key selling points.

Top features:

  • World’s most advanced design, equally the world’s most compact and smallest folding electric wheelchair
  • Can easily be lifted and fit into any car boot due to its small stature
  • Lightweight electric wheelchair, weighing only 19kg, 21kg with batteries
  • Reclining or upright backrest
  • Rising armrests for getting under tables for eating, drinking, working and also to help you to get in and out of the wheelchair
  • 2 x 6AH batteries that can be charged on or off the chair and taken on every airline worldwide and all public transport
  • Electromagnetic braking for instant stopping, even on inclines or declines
  • Very small turning circle, so great around the house, in small spaces or shopping centre



About the Chair

This is one of our most recent chairs to be added to our winning lightweight wheelchair line-up. It replaces the LITH-TECH Light Chair 1 as Lith-Tech’s go-to extremely lightweight and portable electric wheelchair.

From customer feedback it’s becoming clearer and clearer that customers nowadays are wanting smaller, lighter and stronger chairs more than ever. They want a chair that they can easily take anywhere with them. This is the wheelchair on the market that ticks every box and more.

This compact folding electric power chair is not only small, but is also one of the lightest electric wheelchairs we offer (at only 19kg without the batteries and 21kg with the batteries). It is designed to be used as an everyday wheelchair and not just a travel chair.

For extra user features and comfort, you can have the back rest in two positions, upright or reclining at 30 degrees. This wheelchair is compatible with the LITH-TECH headrest which can be added to your chair.

Both armrests fully extend vertically so you can get under tables to eat, do work, or just get in and out of the chair much easier.

Battery Life

The batteries take around 6 hours to fully charge through the joystick and boast a range of 15 miles per charge, which is excellent for such small, lightweight batteries. These batteries are compliant to air travel regulations meaning you can take them in your carryon luggage.  

These plane safe batteries can also be removed in seconds and are easy to charge which is a huge bonus. Simply plug the chargedr directly into them through an adaptor.. 

Practical Features

Its dimensions are as follows:  

Folded: 570mm x 270mm x 660mm  

Unfolded: 920mm x 570mm x 860mm 

The LITH-TECH Compact wheelchair weighs only 19kg, 21kg with its 2 x 6ah lithium batteries included which can be removed in seconds.  

Storage and Moving

The fact that it is so small means it is far easier than other electric folding wheelchairs to lift into and out of a car. Its shape is less awkward now, meaning that even older and disabled people can now lift it themselves into a car with or without batteries (depending on how able bodied they are) 

See our video of a 5ft, 67-year-old lady lifting it with the batteries straight into her boot, before now she has never found a wheelchair on the market she can carry. 

Who is this Chair for?

Light enough and compact enough to carry by those using the wheelchair, the Compact mobility chair is the ideal fit for independent individuals. This very practical, lightweight electric wheelchair has a sleek design that you can take anywhere. 

The Compact recliner wheelchair is very practical and is the sort of chair you can either pop to the shops in or take on a train or coach to London. It is absolutely ideal for taking on a plane to continue your freedom wherever you are in the world.  

(NoteUnder the new transport and safety rules very few electric wheelchair batteries on the market.  

Extra Information

The motors are 230w per side and are brushless, which is the best in the business, aiding you when changing direction quickly andtaking hills. It but also means that when the chairs motors are not engaged, the wheels run very free, so you can be pushed in it easily or tow or push the chair with huge ease from a folded position instead of carrying it. This chair now also comes with rear rubber tyres for extra bump absorption and grip

The Compact comes with: 

  • Battery charger 
  • Two batteries 
  • Battery adaptor for off chair charging 
  • Tool kit  
  • User manual 

Watch the LITH-TECH Compact demo video below for more information.