LITH-TECH is a UK brand specialising in lightweight, electric folding wheelchairs and these are the LITH-TECH Compact + key selling points/ Top features:

  • The most capable and comfortable lightweight chair on the market
  • The perfect choice of mobility aid for cruise ship holidays
  • Active front suspension with exceptional travel and grippy front wheels and tyres
  • Can easily be lifted (especially if you remove the batteries) and fit into almost any car boot due to its small stature
  • Lightweight electric wheelchair, weighing only 23kg with batteries, 20.5kg without batteries
  • Comfortable backrest and contoured upgraded spongy cushion for a comfy seating position
  • Armrests that flip all the way back and out of the way for getting under tables and to help you to get in and out of the wheelchair in different ways
  • 2 x 6AH batteries that can be charged on or off the chair and taken on every airline worldwide and all public transport
  • Brushless Motors with electromagnetic braking for instant stopping, even on inclines or declines
  • Very small turning circle, so great around the house, in small spaces or shopping centre as well as outside



Product Specifications

Performance Indicators Items Parameters
Frame Material Aerospace Aluminium Alloy
Size Folded Size (mm)
Open Size (mm)
620mm L x 350mm W x 750mm H
940mm L x 620mm W x 950mm H
Weight Max Load (kg)
Product Weight (kg)
Product Weight (kg)
20.5kg excluding batteries
23.5kg excluding batteries
Riding Requirements Age Range
Road Legal
16-90 Years Old
Pavements, Parks and Shopping Centres
Main Parameters Max Speed
Battery Endurance
Max Hill Climb
Suitable Terrain
Water Proof
0.5mph – 4mph
Upto 15 miles
14 + degrees
Hard Ground including Grass
Light rain but must cover the joystick
Motor Parameter Power (w) 180W x 2 Brushless
Battery Number of Batteries
Charge Time (fully charged from flat):
Battery location
24v 6AH x 2 Pieces Wireless
6-8 hours
X bar of the Frame (Insert from Front)
Warranty  Warranty Included 12 Months Warranty
Tyres Front Tyre and Fork
Rear Tyre
7 Inch Rubber Solid Tyre (great suspension)
8 Inch Rubber Solid Tyre
Seat and backrest Seat Width
Seat Depth
Seat Height
Space Between Armrests

Finance options are available

Please contact Lith-Tech for more information.

About the Chair 

The LITH-TECH COMPACT + is our latest lightweight LITH-TECH wheelchair. It was introduced into the market in January 2023 and has already become a massive hit.

Customers main goal with electric folding wheelchairs is always weight, they all just want the lightest chair possible. However what they don’t realise is the lighter the chair you choose means yes your reducing a chairs weight but you’re also reducing a chairs capabilities! Well not anymore. The LITH-TECH Compact + is the perfect compromise of lightweight and capability.

Obviously a 23.5kg small wheeled wheelchair will never have the same capabilities as one of our multi terrain smart chairs with the large wheels and heavier frames but for a compact and light chair it tackles cambers and curbs far better than any lightweight chair i’ve ever seen or test driven myself (and i’ve tried almost every folding electric wheelchair on the uk market has to offer).

The great thing about the Compact + is its weight. Being (23.5kg with the batteries) means it is heavy enough that it still holds the road pretty well due to the added downforce but once you remove the batteries (which takes just a few seconds) it brings the weight down to just 20.5kg meaning it’s very user friendly and easy to lift for almost any able bodied person.

The compact + has new upgraded 7.5 inch front wheels with built in suspension into the forks (WHICH REALLY WORK) with huge amounts of travel making the ride much more comfortable and capable over uneven surfaces or when tackling curbs. At the rear you will find 8 inch wheels with solid rubber tyres. Attached to these are best category 180w brushless motors, which work very well in electric mode and are very free running in free wheel mode.

This chair folds and unfolds in just a few seconds, and has a nice sleek and compact design when folded.  To make the users life as easy as possible the armrests don’t just lift up vertically they also have the ability of extending the whole way back so your arms have complete freedom of movement when eating of playing games whilst remaining in your chair. The fold away arms are equally useful for allowing you different access points for getting in and out as well from different angles depending on your disability. It’s also great for anyone who relies on front or side transfers as the footplate also flips back total flush with the chair.

This wheelchair is also compatible with the LITH-TECH headrest and the LITH-TECH CARER ASSIST PACK which can be added to your chair.

Batteries and Battery Life

The LITH-TECH Compact + comes with 2 x 24v 6ah batteries. These batteries can be charged on the chair together through the joystick or removed and charged directly into the battery itself. Charging time takes around 6 hours to fully charge and boast a range of upto 14 miles per charge, which is excellent for such small, lightweight batteries. These batteries are compliant to air travel regulations for every airline provider worldwide.

Practical Features

Its dimensions are as follows:

Folded: L 620mm x W 350mm x H 750mm

Unfolded: L 940mm x W 620mm x H 950mm

The LITH-TECH Compact + wheelchair weighs only 20.5kg, and 23.5kg with its 2 x 6ah lithium batteries included which can be removed in seconds.

Storage and Moving

The fact that it is so small means it is far easier than other electric folding wheelchairs to lift into and out of a car. Its shape is less awkward, meaning that even some older and certain disabled people can now lift it themselves or with their partner into a car without the batteries (depending on how able bodied they are).

Who is this Chair for?

Light and compact enough to carry by those using the wheelchair and is the ideal fit for independent individuals. This chair is very practical, lightweight and capable with a sleek design that you can take anywhere.

This chair is perfect for those that are between 5ft and 5ft 11, and although this chairs max user weight is 120kg the individual should ideally be under 100kg to use this chair effectively. Anyone over 100kg should always really go for a multi terrain chair with larger wheels unless you only ever plan to use the chair in shopping centres where it is totally smooth and flat.

This chair excels around the home, care homes, shopping centres, beach promenades, around parks, cruise ships, flying, etc

Not really best for tall or overweight people or those that want to use their chair in really rugged types of environments (You will need some type of smart chair for this type of use case) 


Extra Information

The Compact+ comes with:

  • Battery charger
  • Two batteries
  • Comfy contoured cushion
  • Tool kit
  • User manual

Black, Silver

Battery Combination

2 x 6ah Batteries


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