Incredibly lightweight and small folding portable wheelchair ramps these can easily be kept in your car boot in the included zip-up travel bag. Designed to easily transport your electric wheelchair in the boot of your car, these 6ft telescopic wheelchair car ramps allow you to simply fold the chair and push it straight into your car boot. Starting at 3.25 ft, these telescopic ramps extend to 6ft. You can even drive straight up the ramps either in their 3.25ft form or when extended to 6ft, as they can hold up to 40 stone.

To use, simply take the ramps out of the travel case they come in, telescopically unfold them and space the two ramps wheel space apart. Once positioned, push your wheelchair straight into the boot of your car with zero effort whilst your chair is in a folded position.

These ramps can be used to provide temporary access to areas without designated disability access, capable of carrying up to 40 stone. Whether you’re going for a family day out to a pub which doesn’t have disability access or using them to get into your home / your partner’s house etc.

These ramps can be used on all of our models.


Includes: 2 x 6ft Telescopic Car Ramps & Travel Bag

Weight: 3kg per ramp

Length: 3.25ft in non telescopic mode – 6ft in full telescopic mode


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