The distance stated in your user manual is a maximum range that is calculated under test conditions and is known as a ”treadmill” range, this is an industry standard and is how mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs battery range is indicated on websites and user manuals.

On our website for each of our models we put a treadmill range and a real world range. In real world situations a number of factors will affect the distance that you can travel in your wheelchair. These includes outside air temperature, tyre pressure, user weight, type of terrain, hills and the age and condition of your batteries etc.

How you charge your batteries also directly affects how they perform. It’s easy to understand that you can undercharge your batteries by not charging them enough, but did you know that it is also possible to over charge your batteries by charging them too much?

Please speak to one of the LITH-TECH experts regarding the best way to charge and maintain your batteries.