Advantages of Electric Folding Chairs Compared to Electric Scooters

The main advantage of folding electric wheelchairs especially the ones we sell at LITH-TECH is that they are much lighter in weight compared to bigger less mobile electric travel scooters, chairs are also much better quality and don’t break unlike flimsy scooters.

A huge advantage of electric wheelchairs is that they have a much smaller turning circle than scooters do which makes them better for places like shopping centres and around the house. All LITH-TECH’s chairs all spin on the own axis making them very manoeuvrable almost anywhere.

Electric power chairs are also much smaller and less bulky which makes them easier to fit into your cars boot, this also then allows for other things to be put in the car as well, which would be great for weekends away etc. They are also much easier than travel scooters to set up by yourself, just simply unfold it and attach a joystick, where as with a travel scooter you would have to connect the two scooter parts together and then add things like the seats and battery after.

LITH-TECH’s electric chairs are also much more adult friendly to use and don’t make any loud noises (like reverse beeping) which can be embarrassing in public places unlike electric scooters do. 

Modern electric folding power chairs also look much better and are much more stylish than what scooters have to offer. Especially LITH-TECH ones, where we specifically choose sporty frames, racey alloy wheels and cool graphics to make our chairs look that little bit more modern and less of a disability vehicle. 

Mobility scooters are also less safe than folding electric chairs and are often prone to tipping over. This is something, which has never and never will happen with a LITH-TECH chair. 

The brand name LITH-TECH is short for lithium technology as we only use lithium ion batteries in all our chairs, and this means they are so light compared to the bigger bulky lead acid batteries from mobility scooters. As a brand we previously sold folding mobility scooters but then quickly realised that folding electric wheelchairs were the future and much better made and much more reliable so we discontinued those product lines.

So if you are in to minds about whether to get a travel scooter or a folding electric wheelchair, really it shouldn’t even be a competition and going down the chair route will open up many more doors and allow you to regain more freedom back which ultimately is the whole point in the end of the day.